How Much Does It Cost To Hike Mount Bisoke

how much does it cost to hike mount bisoke


Mount Bisoke is one of eight dormant Albertine rifts, a section of the East Africa rift that runs through Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is located within two national parks: the Virunga National Park of the Republic of the Congo and the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. Enjoy Devine Africa Safaris Tours 


The Mount Bisoke volcano’s biggest part is situated in Rwanda. Mount Bisoke’s name came from the two crater lakes given by the local people, meaning "soaked in water."


Mount Bisoke's peak is about 3711 m without any snow, though it is covered with fog, and the crater has a diameter of about 400 m. The crater lakes of Ngezi are 11 km from the summit.


Mount Bisoke is endowed with different vegetation and habitat to tropical rain forest, bamboo shoot forest and Senecio-lobelia bush just at the peak