Virunga Lodge

virunga lodge


Virunga Lodge is located about an hour’s drive from Volcanoes national park, Virunga Lodge is one of the premier and exceptional luxury lodges used by visitors interested in trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda.


Virunga lodge covers approximately 2175 meters hilltop overlooking Lake Ruhondo and Burera the twin lakes and the views of the four phenomenal Virunga volcanoes to the northwest.


Virunga lodge was spectacularly built in an eco-friendly style, it’s made of eight spacious stone rooms, all having chunky wooden furniture, wooden floors, and wide verandas where one can easily sit comfortably while enjoying the Virunga ranges panorama.


Virunga lodge rooms are attached to a walkway to a private flushing toilet which is eco-friendly and the shower rooms have solar-heated water.


Virunga Lodge is sociable and adventurous in nature where everyone can eat together on a large table in the evening.


Virunga lodge goes the extra mile to provide local ’’ Indore’ dance troupes that entertain guests after an adorable mountain gorilla trek which it an enjoyable facility to stay at.