Mountain Gorilla Trekking In November Uganda

mountain gorilla trekking in november uganda


Would you be interested in having a mountain gorilla experience in Uganda, when you have missed in the early months of March, April, and May worry no more, Devine African Safaris has got another chance to offer special discounted mountain gorilla trips this year with unforgettable lifetime dream come true in the jungle of Africa.


November is among the short rainy season months in Uganda yearly and part of the months that is close to ending of year celebrations, its famous in Uganda because they consider it a low season and the best time for anyone who would wish to go for a mountain gorilla adventure.


Uganda is lucky to have two national parks with mountain gorillas and these are Bwindi forest impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park situated in southwestern Uganda.


November mountain gorilla trekking is the most exciting activity in Bwindi forest impenetrable national park because the park is blessed with almost half of the total world mountain gorilla population and 17 mountain gorilla families that are populated in different sectors or trails.


November mountain gorilla trekking is an extremely rewarding experience in Bwindi forest impenetrable national park as you enjoy the mud, wet and slippery slopes mountain forest of Bwindi with tall trees canopies and cannot allow sunlight to penetrate on the grounds.


Conclusively November is the best month for budget travelers who could not make it in the peak season due to high costs since November is regarded as a low season in Uganda.