Can I Trek Mountain Gorillas In April In Uganda In 2024

can i trek mountain gorillas  in april in uganda in 2024


Mountain gorilla trekking is a flexible tourism activity that may be done all year round from January to December, and travelers can still have an unprecedented adventure with the endangered mountain gorilla beringei within their natural habitat in the African wild. April is taken into account among the rainy seasons yearly in Uganda and an occasional season for mountain gorilla trekking. Click here to view mountain gorilla tours 


April’s mountain gorilla trekking is the best timing for any traveler who would have an interest in coming to Uganda to uncover the distinctiveness of mountain gorillas without expecting dry seasons since April has few travelers and less traffic within the wild. view mountain gorilla tours


April’s Gorilla gorilla trekking enables travelers to urge affordable discounted accommodation facilities easily with less occupancy as they struggle to stay operating within the low season while watching for peak seasons of June, July, August, September, October, and December-February.


April’s Gorilla gorilla trekking gives travelers a chance to determine many bird species within the forest of Bwindi because it’s in April when flowering takes place that favors the feeding of birds as they collect the juice from trees, enjoy their singing while trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest impenetrable national park.

When is the best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking in 2024

The best time to tour Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park is in the months of June to August and from December to March which is also a dry season in most parts of Uganda