Bwindi Forest Impenetrable Buhoma Sector

Bwindi forest impenetrable buhoma sector

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Buhoma sector is located in the Northwestern part of Bwindi forest impenetrable national park mostly in Kanungu, Buhoma sector is faced with the hilly forest of Bwindi and the pleasing dark evergreen vegetation, Buhoma is among the four sectors of the Bwindi forest impenetrable national park that is considered while trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda.


Buhoma sector is where mountain gorilla tourism activity started from ever since it was the first sector to be opened in 1993 after Bwindi was turned in to a national park, and the oldest sector in Bwindi forest impenetrable national park.


Buhoma sector accommodates the oldest mountain gorilla family called the Mubare gorilla family, Mubare mountain gorilla family had 18 members, and the eldest known as Ruhondeza that no power to control and keep his gorilla family due to his old age, Mubare mountain gorilla family separated where some members went to other sectors, by the time Ruhondeza died his mountain gorilla family had only four members left, although the re-introduction of other new silverbacks managed to captured mountain gorillas from other mountain gorilla families to Mubare family and made a total of 9 members as per now, Buhoma sector also has two other mountain gorilla families that are Habinyanja with 19 members and Rushegura with 16 members.


Buhoma sector only avails 24 mountain gorilla trekking permits daily and are always fully booked and the busiest sector of all the four of Bwindi forest impenetrable national park, although Buhoma is not the sector with the biggest mountain gorilla families.