Can I Trek Mountain Gorillas In December -Uganda

mountain gorilla trekking in december


December is a dry month, which is the best month for mountain gorilla trekking in East Africa because little or no rainfall is expected. Mountain gorilla trekking in December is mostly recommended for travelers who always get their work leave or holidays during that period. Therefore, travelers who are interested in booking their gorilla trekking in December can go ahead.


Mountain gorilla trekking in December is somehow tricky because it’s considered a high season month, so travelers are recommended to book their mountain gorilla trekking safaris at least four to five months prior to their travel dates when the permits are still available and the good lodges still have space to accommodate you.


December is the best time for both Uganda and Rwanda safaris, so if travelers are planning to make lifetime memories with a mountain gorilla safari alongside other national parks for morning or evening game drives, boat cruises, golden monkeys, or chimpanzee viewing, then December is the favorable month to come. Check out Devine African Safaris recommended safari options you can enjoy.


The fact that mountain gorilla trekking is available all year and has the best months, which receive little or no rain, The best months for mountain gorilla trekking are January, February, June, July, August, September, and December.


Mountain gorilla trekking safari requirements include hiking boots, energy snacks, gardening gloves, drinking water, a rain jacket, a camera, and accessories.