What Can I Do On A Uganda Safaris

what can i do on a Uganda safaris

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Uganda is among the best countries where tourists come for safaris. Mostly known as the "pearl of Africa," Uganda is located in East Africa and is a landlocked country endowed with different wildlife species, natural beauty, and very hospitable people. 


Uganda has over 10 national parks and 12 game reserves, accompanied by beautiful landscapes, interlocking spurs, the Equator, and warm people, which makes it a great destination that every traveler must consider while planning to visit Africa. 


Uganda Offer a wide range of tourism activities, such as traditional national park game viewing safaris, endangered mountain gorilla trekking in the jungles of Bwindi and Mgahinga, cultural encounters with the locals, natural walks, the top of the falls walk, boat cruises to the source of the Nile, mountain biking, fishing trips, and adventure sports. 


Murchison falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda and one of the best places to visit while travelers enjoy their Uganda safari. Murchison Falls is blessed to have the world’s strongest falls with a lot of wildlife, including the "big four" of the "big five," such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, and leopards; chimpanzee trekking for those who are interested; nature walks; rhino tracking at Ziwa; and boat cruises on the mighty Nile.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to half of the world's remaining endangered mountain gorilla population. Visiting a mountain gorilla is a lifetime experience, and travelers really need to encounter gorilla trekking tours in Africa. Over 1000 mountain gorillas have been habituated for tourists to view and study their lifestyles and contribute to the conservation of these gentle giants.