Kigali City

kigali city

Kigali  is the capital  city of Rwanda with fascinating beauties that every traveler must add to their tour list due to its cleanliness, peacefulness, fresh atmospheres, welcoming people, great views of the surrounding places and home to numerous rolling hills, and valleys.


Kigali city is a commercial and cultural center because of its strategic locations, which makes it a hub to other tourist’s destinations in Rwanda, offering the best tourists for all travelers that visit Rwanda such as cultural sites, Rwanda genocide memories, craft villages, shopping centers museums, exciting beautiful sceneries, and Kigali city walks. 


Kigali city is located on an area of about 730 square kilometers and is being occupied by over 859332 populations of people, Kigali is well-known for civilization culture that boosts its cleanness compared to other African cities. 


Rwanda is unique in a way that they have general cleaning culture where every last Saturday of the month everyone is required to participate in communal cleaning of all roads and streets of  Kigali City, This national wide communal community service is called ‘’Umuganda’’ in Rwanda and it is implemented by the government.