Golden Monkeys In Uganda And Rwanda

golden monkeys in uganda and rwanda


Golden monkeys are unique and rare primate species that are found in Uganda at Mgahinga national park in South Western and in Rwanda at the volcanoes national parks which are shared by three African countries.


Golden monkeys live together in their natural environment in harmony with the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, these endangered golden monkeys are playful and interesting when travelers meet them face to face. The golden monkeys are always living together in big groups of about 30 members per group. 


Golden monkeys always feed on bamboo shoots, wild fruits in the forest, leaves, shrubs, and wild insects.  Golden monkeys trekking are easier compared to mountain gorilla trekking since golden monkeys stay in lowland areas and live in big groups of about 30 members although they move from one place to another.


 In Uganda golden monkey tours are carried out in Mgahinga gorilla national park the only place where these unique endangered species are found in the lowland areas. The park in Uganda where gold meets silver because  Mgahinga national park accommodates mountain silverback gorillas live the high altitude areas of the park and golden monkeys which are found in the lowland areas of the park.


Just like mountain gorilla trekking experience, golden monkeys experience start in the morning with a briefing at 7:00 am, and trekking golden monkeys take approximately 2 to 4 hours or more since they always have a mobile lifestyle in search of food.


 In Rwanda golden monkeys are seen at Volcanoes national park along the slopes of mountain Sabyino where habituated golden monkeys are open for golden monkey trekking safaris all year round, Volcanoes national park is located in Musanze village in the northwestern region of Rwanda and takes about a 2hours drive from Kigali international airport.