Gorilla Mist Camp

gorilla mist camp


Gorilla mist camp is located in the Ruhija sector, in the southwestern wing, one of the four regions of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park. Which has three main mountain gorilla families being habituated for trekking, these mountain gorilla families include; Bitukura, Oruzogo, and Kyaguliro.


 Ruhija is one of the best birding destinations within Bwindi impenetrable forest, Gorilla mist camp is positioned at Muko, Kabale near one of the major swamps which is best known for bird watching, where travelers can view a variety of bird species such as the African Green Broadbill that is only found in this place Africa wide.


 Gorilla Mist Camp is 50km from Kabale town and 42km from the Buhoma sector tracking area and approximately 7km from Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park.


Gorilla Mist Camp is a mid-range lodge locally owned and privately operated as well. It brings the real beauty of an African safari lodge with appealing landscape gardens where travelers enjoy the views of the Virunga chained mountains as well as Bwindi Impenetrable forest. 


Gorilla mist camp has three unique & fantastic tented rooms that are self-contained with 24/7 running water and solar electricity that is full time in service, and gorilla mist camp main house has a fireplace that keeps its guests warm, a dining area, a library, a lounge a perfectly positioned balcony that allows travelers to view the whole area.