Can I See Tree-Climbing Lions In Uganda

can i see tree-climbing lions in uganda

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Do you believe that lions climb trees actually, yes lions do climb trees and that is only a chance for travelers to encounter the wild tree-climbing cats in Africa takes place in the Ishasha plains of Queen Elizabeth National park located in Western Uganda same as Lake Manyara national park in the southern part of Tanzania? Tour the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park to see the tree-climbing lions at peace while on a Uganda safari.


According to Ugandan estimates, there are 45 or more tree-climbing lions. Although they are uncomfortable being seen, tourists believe this is a myth. Tree-climbing lions, on the other hand, are real; they enjoy climbing acacia and sycamore-fig trees, where they can spend the entire day. The male lion's sport manes are black in color, which is very unique, but there is a low chance of spotting the male lions with the manes.


Unless they have a well-experienced tour guide who knows every tree in the Ishasha region where tree-climbing lions are, it can be difficult for travelers to spot the mysterious animals on an acacia or fig tree during morning and evening game drives.


Tree climbing lion tours can make travelers see other animals such as leopards, antelopes, huge buffalo herds, and elephants during the morning and evening game drives in the Ishasha sector, giving them a greater opportunity to take clear pictures.