How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Karenge Bush Camp-Rwanda

how much does it cost to stay at Karenge bush camp-Rwanda


Karenge bush camp is located in Akagera National Park. It was named after the flowing river along its eastern boundary, which has a very beautiful landscape and fantastic biodiversity. Karenge means "small foot" in the Kirnyrwada language.


Karenge Bush Camp favors both day and night game drives where travelers can keep an eye on the giraffes, topis, African zebras, sable and roan antelopes, elands, lions, leopards, primates, and close to 500 bird species.


Karenge Bush Camp gives travelers the opportunity to take a boat cruise on Lake Ihema to view aquatic animal species such as crocodiles.


Karenge Bush Camp accommodates a maximum of 12 guests only within the six tents that are fully furnished with bedding, camp chairs, solar lights, and reed mat floors.


Karenge Bush Camp has a rural outdoor bathroom in each of the tents, with hot water being delivered daily. Normal full-board is the order of the day within its rates.