Uganda Big-Five Wild Animals

Uganda big-five wild animals

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Uganda is considered among the top upcoming tourist destinations in East Africa where travelers can see the big five animals in the jungle, Uganda wildlife safaris base on these ‘big five’ animals have the historical origin of their term ‘big-five’ that given to them by the big-game hunters, the hunters named like that based on the practical experiment that was carried out in the African wild animals and the results found out is that these five animals are very difficult to hunt.


 The big five animals are referred to as the most difficult animals to hunt in the jungle of Africa. Although without disagreeing with the big-game hunters, these big five animals are so gentle, cunning, and aggressive  they become  dangerous, wild and they fight back  when they sense danger to defend themselves.


Devine African Safaris presents the big five packages for Uganda and Rwanda, Devine African Safaris have experience in customizing tour packages based on traveler’s dream to enjoy the big-five animals such as Elephants, Lion, Leopard. Rhino and Buffalos in the African jungle. Please feel free to let us know your point of interest any time so that we organize your big five safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.


The big five wild animals can be spotted in most national parks in Uganda for example the famous tree-climbing lions can be seen at Queen Elizabeth national park in the Ishasha sector, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison national park, Lake Mburo national park, and semilike a national park, since they prefer savannah grassland where they can look for prey animals.