Akagera Rhino Lodge

akagera rhino lodge


Akagera Rhino Lodge is situated just at the edge of Akagera National Park where travelers can sit back and relax. In the memory of the animals, they spotted in the park as well as watch the beautiful sunset. Akagera Rhino lodge has one of the best hospitable team in a cool, and unique eco-friendly environment.


Akagera Rhino Lodge wood and stone have been crafted skillfully by the local artisans in the custom rooms with the furnishings that gives this Lodge unbeatable Rwandan design. Akagera Rhino lodge is naturally rustic with the distinctive hallmarks of hospitality in Rwanda.


Akagera Rhino Lodge is an unrepeated eco-tourism encounter that overlooks Rwanda's largest protected Akagera National Park in Central Africa Connecting travelers with nature to enjoy the most magnificent vistas home away from home.


Akagera Rhino Lodge allows travelers to dine in an open-air free restaurant while they enjoy all sorts of both international cuisine and  African traditional dishes. Akagera Rhino lodge also serves fresh coffee and juice locally made, sourced beans and fruit.


Akagera Rhino Lodge dining space is large enough, delight in a starry dinner under the night sky, and outdoor patio with thatched roof-shaded tables for those who wish to enjoy an open-air meal during the day