When is The Best Time To Visit The Ishasha Sector Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

when is the best time to visit the ishasha sector of queen elizabeth national park

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The Ishasha sector is visited by all travelers all year round to enjoy the amazing tree-climbing lion trekking at Queen Elizabeth national park. Although the most interesting time to visit these tree-climbing lions during the dry season of June, July & August, and January &February when there is little rain expected when the roads to Ishasha are dry and not slippery in comparison to the rainy season.


During the rainy season, the roads are slippery, wet, and muddy that makes accessing the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth, not easy travelers might take long hours of driving trying to be safe. However, the greatest advantage of the rainy season is that there are fewer travelers coming to Africa for their Uganda safaris, thus there are fewer crowds at accommodation facilities and highly recommended for budget travelers.  

Book with Devine African safaris in the low season, we provide discounted offers on the Uganda wildlife safaris and you won’t regret the best treatment at the end of your tree-climbing safari to the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.


The Ishasha sector visit can be arranged together with visiting all other interesting sectors of queen Elizabeth national park that supplements your trip experience in the park, such as chimpanzee tracking at the kyambura gorge sector situated in the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park, Mweya peninsular that makes travelers view the whole Queen Elizabeth clearly, kazinga channel that separates lake Edward and Lake George, and crater lakes in the park.  All these sectors in the park are fully covered by the savannah and forest vegetation hence making Queen Elizabeth an unforgettable destination for the Uganda wildlife safaris.