How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Enganzi Lodge-Uganda

how much does it cost to stay at enganzi lodge-uganda


Enganzi Lodge is a stunning haven nestled uphill overlooking Queen Elizabeth National Park. Enganzi Lodge is an excellent property with phenomenal views and gigantic suites with well-designed, fully furnished resting areas for modern lodging facilities that bring you closer to nature.


Enganzi Lodge overlooks the north-eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is pleasant with spacious public areas, and the cottages can be arranged in a downhill style, providing a panoramic view of the savannah grassland plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. 


Enganzi Lodge cottages have spacious rooms that calm tourists psychologically. All the rooms have comfortable beds, bathtubs, modern showers, big bathrooms with constant running water, and eco-friendly flush toilets. Enganzi Lodge uses hydroelectricity full-time in all the rooms and showers.


The cottages at Engazi Lodge are traditionally thatched with banana leaves to keep the room temperatures moderate. All the cottage balconies have French doors opening up to your own deck, looking over the eastern rift valley. During your stay at Engazi Lodge, you will be able to see as many birds as possible. 


Enganzi Lodge is located on a downhill slope, and there is a staircase as you walk to your room. Many guests say it is part of the workout that helps them exercise their bodies after the long day of sitting in the tour vehicles.