Pumba Safari Cottages

pumba safari cottages


Pumba Safari Cottages is a Great Lodge at Queen Elizabeth national park that suits all budgets which are located exactly in a prime wildlife sector at Kyambura within the rim of the western rift valley in Uganda, and with a rich animal kingdom where you can easily spot elephants, warthogs, and antelopes coming to enjoy at the water point in the view from Pumba Safari Cottages.


 Pumba Safari Cottages have five cottages offering lovely accommodation within Queen Elizabeth national park. Pumba safari cottage has comfortable beds, set up as twin, single, double, and triple rooms, each bed has an attached mosquito net with a door for easy access.


Pumba Safari Lodge interior decorations were done using the local materials and crafts in design to create an amazing cozy setting within Queen Elizabeth national park. 


Pumba Safari Cottages are self-contained with bathrooms, running showers with warm water. Water is heated with solar water heaters in a combination with firewood where necessary. electricity is all rooms so that guests can easily charge their phones and cameras without complications.


 Pumba Safari Cottages have tasty meals in the elevated restaurant, you can enjoy endless treetops views, and endless views of Queen Elizabeth national park. Pumba safari cottages serve continental breakfast with any choice of eggs, fresh-squeezed juice, bread, fresh fruits, juice, and either tea or coffee. As for lunch or dinner, they use a set menu.