Hornbill Bush Lodge

hornbill bush lodge

Hornbill Bush Lodge is located at Murchison Falls national park just perched approximately to the Tangi entrance gate of Murchison falls, Hornbill was formerly known as Twiga tales lodge. Hornbill bush lodge has large cottages that are unique balance style with a touch of traditional architecture, each cottage has a private and cozy veranda.


Hornbill bush lodge offers single rooms, twin, double, and triple bed option can be arranged as requested. Hornbill bush lodge is where you will find comfortable beds with mosquito nets, towels to keep all guests safe from insect bites while you sleep. All hornbill cottages have toilets, warm running showers supplied by solar water heaters, solar power for electricity where you can easily charge your phones and cameras in the room.


Hornbill bush lodge is where nature begins in the ultimate gateway for Uganda’s wildlife and nature adventures of the magical Murchison Falls National Park and beyond. just Immersed yourself in this pristine natural beauty, facing the great River Nile. Hornbill bush Lodge is designed to meet all client’s personal expectations.