Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve Community Campsite

lake nkuruba nature reserve community campsite


Lake Nkuruba offers the perfect point for a range of tourism activities such as chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest National Park or exploring Uganda’s concentrated volcanic crater lakes in Southwestern Uganda.


Lake Nkuruba nature reserve community campsite is where travelers can catch a few nights' rests away from the Noise in the city. Lake Nkuruba has a peaceful camp, a relaxing atmosphere, and monkeys that allow you to mitigate in this ecotourism project.


Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve was opened in 1991 with an aim to protect all the ancient forest habitats which is surrounding the volcanic crater lake which is one of the few crater lakes within the retained lush forest habitat in this region. 


Lake Nkuruba Community Campsite is located within the Nature Reserve and offers a variety of accommodation facility which ranges from camping under the trees that are frequented by monkeys or spending your night at the secluded Lakeside Cottage which is overlooking the picturesque lake.


Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve offers the perfect spot to explore one of Uganda’s concentrations of volcanic crater lakes, which includes Lake Nkuruba. As well as visiting Uganda’s largest population of chimpanzees at Kibale Forest National Park.