Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort

lake bunyonyi eco resort


Lake Bunyonyi eco-resort is located within East Africa’s second deepest lava lake, Bunyonyi eco resort’s styled showcase Uganda’s cultural performance, traditional art, and heritage, and traditional art.


 Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort has 10 cottages, each one standing on its own with a spectacular view of the forest, Lake bunyonyi islands, lake Bunyonyi and the surrounding local communities – Lake Bunyonyi eco-resort brings a clear sound of an African jungle, relaxing vegetation, and the floating waters.


Wakin up in Lake Bunyonyi eco-resort is a sign of enjoyment in the jungle, Bunyonyi eco-resort is just about 9 kilometers from Kabale town. All the 10 cottages are on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, each of these cottages has a nice view of the bunyonyi forest, lake bunyonyi view


Being in Lake Bunyonyi offers travelers an opportunity to see many tree species and spot many rare birds at the resort as well, travelers can access the resort by the use of a local boat only.