How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Lake Bunyonyi Birdnest Resort-Uganda

How much does it cost to stay at lake bunyonyi birdnest resort-uganda

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Lake Bunyonyi Birdnest Resort is located at Lake Bunyonyi in southwest Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is best known for its possession of a variety of birds of all sizes. The Lake Bunyonyi Bird Nest Resort is surrounded by the lush green terraces covering the interlocking farming spurs, which define the beautiful look of the whole region. 


Lake Bunyonyi is located in Kabale town, which is only two hours from Kigali and between five and seven hours from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.


Lake Bunyonyi Birdnest has a beautiful compound accompanied by several self-contained cottages, providing travelers with many options depending on their budget. Lake Bunyonyi Birdnest is affordable. 


Lake Bunyonyi Birdnest Resort Overseas is situated right in front of the main Birdnest Resort. It has secured enough parking space; motorboat transportation is also available to the site, which includes, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are offered in the main bird nest.