How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Bugoma Jungle Lodge-Uganda

how much does it cost to stay at bugoma jungle lodge-uganda


Bugoma Jungle Lodge is a small eco-friendly tented camp situated in the Bugoma protected reserve. Bugoma jungle lodge is a lovely cottage raised from the ground with a wooden deck, spacious enough with magnificent, never-ending views of the surrounding Bugoma forest. Bugoma jungle lodge stands along Hoima at Kagadi Road, just 40 kilometers south of Hoima.

Bugoma jungle lodge is a perfect destination for lunch or accommodation as travelers head to Murchison Falls National Park or Kibale Forest National Park.


Speak with nature in the hidden endemic Ugandan mangabeys, a rare and endangered monkey, or hear chimps in the forest canopy. This site is a wonderful birder’s destination, with more than 225 bird species located there.