Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge Uganda

volcanoes bwindi lodge uganda


Bwindi Lodge is strategically located in that it Overlooks the primeval Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park of Southwestern Uganda, the home to the world’s total half of the endangered mountain gorillas, Bwindi Lodge is one of the finest gorilla lodges at Bwindi possessing dramatic intense views of this magnificent forest canopy across Africa’s unique jungle.


Bwindi Lodge is a property where travelers can spot rare monkeys, engage in bird watching hidden in the foliage. Bwindi Lodge features 2 deluxe bandas, rebuilt standard bandas, a new dining room, and a sauna is an additional product to the Humula Forest Spa.


Bwindi Lodge has a rewarding bar section nearby in the most recent stylish and colorful, Bwindi Lodge serves delicious meals inspired by Ugandan dishes by the use of fresh Ugandan local products. Bwindi Lodge Harry’s Bar of Bwindi! Is a place where guests can make their ‘Rolex’ wrap.