Turaco Treetops

turaco treetops


Turaco treetops occupy about 5.2 hectares in Uganda’s top tropical forest mostly known for chimpanzee tracking. Immerse yourself in nature on Turaco Treetop lodge with grounds full of birds, monkeys, and butterflies, black & white colobus monkeys.


Turaco Treetops creates an uncomplicated warm-hearted atmosphere for all the guests. Whether you are looking at exploring the Kibale Forest for chimpanzee tracking or the region while staying at Turaco the unwind perfect place, as the team serves you with a smile.


For travelers who are looking forward to having a chilly day or wants to energize an adventurous day, Turaco treetops’ poolside is the best place to be at. Turaco treetops’ pool sits a 5x10 meter which   is strategically positioned in the evergreen lush garden in front of Turaco treetops’ main lodge building.


Explore the world young enough turaco treetop. Where families with children are welcome of all ages and Turaco treetops caters to all their needs with the kid's outdoor playground, an Ideal destination for parents who would love to enjoy all sorts of drinks ranging from soft and hard drinks.