What is The Difference Between Chimpanzee Trekking & Chimpanzee Habituation Experience -Uganda

what is the difference between chimpanzee trekking & chimpanzee habituation experience- Uganda


Kibale forest national park is the most popular destination for primate walks in Kanyanchu. Kibale Forest possesses a variety of 13 different primate species, including the diurnal monkeys being encountered, although the Kibale Forest National Park experience starts with the trails for chimpanzees at Kanyanchu.


Kibale Forest National Park, the primates’ capital, offers travelers a chance to observe wild chimpanzees in their natural environment. Kanyanchu’s chimpanzee groups are trained to get used to humans' presence. Kibale forest national park chimpanzee tracking at Kanyanchu starts in the morning or in the afternoon with a briefing for the visitor regarding the rules and regulations. Chimpanzee tracking takes place twice a day.


Kibale forest national park chimpanzee habituation experience (CHEX) allows travelers to spend more time with these primates in their splendid natural environment being accompanied by researchers, experienced guides, and park rangers into the forest.


Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) is available for approximately four hours which kicks off early in the morning with a briefing at Kanyanchu Kibale forest national parks headquarter, travelers are able to watch chimpanzee groups leave their overnight nest from 6:00 am to 6:30 am before chimpanzee activities such as copulating, resting, hunting, breastfeeding, patrolling by males mostly until when it’s time to build new nests between 6 pm- 7 pm. Kindly note that chimpanzee habituation experience must be booked like 6 months before your travel dates.