How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Wild Waters Lodge- Uganda

How much does it cost to stay at wild waters lodge -uganda


Lemala wild waters lodge stands on six hectares of land on Kalagala Island, wild waters Lodge recline in a distinctive inside mid-stream privately in Jinja alongside the world’s longest River Nile between the 25km downstream from Jinja Uganda. Lemala wild waters' sublime location makes it reachable only by boat, which makes staying in wild waters a more adventurous place to visit. The lodge is oddly nestled on granite rocks, with exciting and obnoxious foamy water rapids roaring down streams.


Lemala Wild waters offers ten stand-alone, raised timber-floor luxury suites perched in the tropical rainforest with endless river views. Each room is linked by over-headed wooden walking trails to the restaurant, library, and bar. Lemala Wild Waters Lodge rooms feature glass-fronted windows, classy bathrooms crafted with rainy showers, handmade furniture, and romantic open-air bathtubs standing freely. 


Wild waters lodge offers excellent, delicious, and up-to-standard breakfasts or dinners in a three-course style, a lovely carved swimming pool perched on natural pink granite rocks, and a spacious communal lounge. Activities nearby for guests to participate in include the adventurous heart-pounding white-water rafting, tubing the Nile, bungee jumping, fishing, and horse riding.


 Lemala Wild waters is a birder’s paradise where travelers can view up to approximately 1000 bird species. Wild water bird species include turacos, hawks, eagles, and cuckoos. Other unique species expected include giant otters and monitor lizards. The best Wild Waters Lodge in Uganda, offering relaxation and an intimate setting for honeymooners.