Singita Kataza House

singita kataza House


Singita Kataza house was built in response to nature's unique setting, Singita Kataza house has two heated swimming pools, an outdoor fire point, and wide timber windows that continue to welcome the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, that ensure guest’s encounters are unlike any other. Singita Kataza house is nestled on the edge of Volcanoes National Park which pulls your mountain gorilla trekking encounters. Singita Kataza house villa offers four luxurious suites providing comfortable, in reflection, and spacious in nature. 


Singita Kataza house life-changing opportunity While featuring a fully-equipped fitness center, cinema, wine cellar, and a two-bedroom staff residence. Singita Kataza is the modern African home that caters to every guests’ needs, and the massage palace room, fabulous kitchen, and convivial fire point.


Singita Kataza's house offers complete comfort. Their onsite Akarabo Garden produces abundant fresh products that add to the appealing, culminating farm brings food to the table which makes the journey that celebrates fresh flavors in the welcoming country.


Singita Kwataza house offers the views of Surrounding Virunga chained mountains in Rwanda which includes mount Muhavura, mount sabinyo, Mountain Gahinga, and Kataza House offers the wondering journey to explore the ultimate primate world of Rwanda.