What Can I Do At Serengeti National Park In 2024/2025

what can i do in Serengeti National park in 2024/2025



Serengeti National park got its name from the Maasai word siringet, which means “a place where the land runs forever,” Serengeti National Park is among the African oldest game reserves situated in Tanzania covering approximately 14,700 square kilometers which are comprised the vast grassland plains and riverine forest. click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris


Serengeti national park is an iconic safari destination in the northern part of the country, Serengeti national park adjoins the Masai Mara National park of the Kenyan Border that offers the backdrop for the annual wildebeest great migration providing the most interesting natural event. click here to check our recommended mountain gorilla tour


Serengeti national park ecosystem provides fertile grazing land for mostly the nomadic Maasai tribes. It became more famous in 1892 when was first visited by the Europeans due to the big game hunter’s presence.


Traditionally Serengeti national park is scattered into three geographic regions with the largest sector in the southern Serengeti plains and the most iconic, large savannah landscape that offers the breeding ground for antelopes, and the wildebeest that assemble there from December to May yearly before starting their migration to the north.


Serengeti National Park western Corridor such as the Grumeti River combined with the adjacent forests where Visitors flock from May to July as the wildebeest migrants pass, but also a birder’s haven and other aquatic species throughout the year.


Finally, the Northern part of Serengeti national park in the remote woodlands is the best place to view giraffes& elephants, and where you can clearly observe the spectacle wildebeest migration’s Mara River crossings.

What top things can i do at Serengeti national park in 2024/2025

An African jeep safari as you view several wildlife species that enhances your tour experiences offered within the Serengeti. Although it's very unfortunate that night safari was banned because many operators offered after-dark game viewing on a private concession basis for the greater Serengeti ecosystem spotting.


Night game drives are the only unique way to view the fascinating nocturnal wildlife species. Serengeti's other exciting options include horseback riding safaris, walking safaris, charter flight safaris, and view the sunrise in style with a hot air balloon safari offering an exclusive experience.


Besides, wildlife species spotting, travelers are always free to participate in Tanzania’s cultural tours such as the Maasai villages situated outside Serengeti national park boundaries; or drive southwards to the archaeological site commonly known as the Olduvai gorge which is a small museum providing an insight into the lifetime work of Mary Leaky and Louis. 


Serengeti National Park protects the greatest accumulation of the plains game in Africa which includes roughly over 2 million wildebeest,300,000 zebras, and 900,000 Thomson's gazelles.


Other African antelope species include the abundant Grant’s gazelle, the dik-dik, Coke’s hartebeest, and the roan antelope. Serengeti national park also protects Africa’s largest population of lions, as well as leopards, cheetah, hyenas, and the endangered African wild dog.


Serengeti National park is a birder’s paradise that boasts more than 500 residents which includes the migratory bird species. Five bird species are endemic to Tanzania, Serengeti national park bird species includes the grey-breasted spurfowl, gorgeously colorful fisher’s lovebird, Rufous-tailed weaver. Tanzania’s endemic specials such as the Usambiro barbet, and Hildebrandt’s starling. 


 Serengeti national park's number 1 top attraction offers travelers an opportunity to eye witness the Great Migration of the wildebeests, where you watch the newly born calves step on the ground for the first time on the grasslands of the south, experience the drama as these wild beasts cross Mara River. Regardless of when you plan to travel, Serengeti national park standard game drive provides incredible biodiversity. 


However, Travelers interested in viewing the wildebeest greatest migration, wildebeest herds always congregate in the south part of Serengeti from December to May every year, then move to the Western Corridor between May to July. To eye witness wildebeest herds crossing the Mara River, travelers need to be in Tanzania by July, August, or November.

Where to Stay around Serengeti national park in 2024/2025

Serengeti National Park is mostly popular due to its five-star lodges and camps that are naughty for being expensive. There are many lodging options available to choose from. Permanent tented camps mixed with the romance managed by hard-working staff and accompanied by the gourmet dining, spacious rooms, and private bathrooms. 


Four seasons Safari lodge Serengeti Offers a high caliber luxury type, the Four Seasons provides villas &beautiful suites all situated next to water points where animals frequently visited while searching for drinking water.


Mbalageti Safari Camp. This Camp is rated highly as a top-class camp offering a 360-degree view of the Serengeti plains and the Serengeti River with a variety of suites that is fabulous for accommodating families.


Kirawira Serena Camp: This is an Inspirable type of camp by historic hunting camps, Kirawira Serena has 25 tented suites offering five-course meals.


Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas: This camp offers the Great Migration viewing opportunity, Beyond Serena, operates multiple private campsites indirect key locations.


Tourists heading to Serengeti National Park by road can easily enter Serengeti through the Naabi Hill Gate situated in the southeastern sector of Serengeti. Naabi hill gate is just a 2-3 hours’ drive from Ngorogoro conservation center, and a 7-8 hours’ drive from the northern part of Tanzania’s safari capital, and Arusha.