Tarangire National Park-Tanzania

tarangire national park-tanzania


Tarangire national park brings a cordial welcome to Tanzania. The Tarangire national park is splendidly famous for the concentration of wildlife species such as huge herds of elephants and the finest bird-watching destination in East Africa. Tarangire national park’s name was derived from the Tarangire River covers approximately 2850km2 and crosses the park as well.


Tarangire national park’s climate has a bimodal rainfall season with short rainfall that starts from November to December, the long rainfall season starts from March to May and the long dry season also starts from June to October and the short dry season starts from January to February.


Tarangire National Park can be accessed by both road or air, Tarangire national park is located just 121km from the tarmac road from Arusha city in Tanzania.


 The Tarangire national park can be accessed by direct flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport which is just situated 46km from Arusha city. Charted or domestic flights are always available from Arusha to Kuro Airstrip which is situated inside Tarangire national park


Attractions at Tarangire national park

Tarangire National Park has been recorded with remarkable tourists’ attractions with a huge population of Elephants in their natural environment, natural savannah beautiful landscape, magnificent magical Baobabs, more than 550 bird species, and of which several of them are threatened or endemic to Tanzania. Tarangire national park is a top safari destination due to its large concentration of wildlife species such as elephants, cheetah, eland, leopards, giraffe, zebra, lions, and buffalo that can easily be spotted on either day or night game drives.


Bird watching 

Engage in spotting large batch of exclusive and colorful different bird species. Tarangire national park offer over 550 different bird species being housed within the swamps that later spread all over Tarangire national park. This makes Tarangire national park an amazing birding destination for bird lovers.


Baobab Trees at Tarangire national park

Baobab trees can live for more than 300 years while growing trunks that can reach more than 100feet in circumference. Baobab trees have spent some good time on this planet and seen in history.


Tarangire River

Tarangire River is the only source of water at Tarangire national park providing for millions of animals with water supply during the long dry season hence offering the best game driving encounters.


Day game drives at Tarangire national park

Day game drive at Tarangire national park is adventurous in nature which entails deep wildlife viewing while on your 4x4 wheel. The Tarangire national park gives tourists a greater opportunity to eye-catch the large herds of elephants, giraffes, greater kudu, Oryx, leopards, starling, gazelle, zebras, heartbeats, wildebeest, lions, and tree climbing pythons.


Night game viewing at Tarangire national park

Enjoy your night game drives in style, go with a blanket as you sit in an open 4x4 wheel vehicle under an open African blue sky with pretty shining stars is a unique moment to remember. Tarangire national park bush is a different world completely at night.


A balloon safari at Tarangire national park

Hot Air Balloon flight in Tarangire national park offers a different encounter. Gliding within Tarangire river on your Hot air balloon safari with the sunrise stains the plains pinkish, enjoy the golden grassland dotted with huge baobab trees, and many more.