What Can I Do In Lake Manyara National Park -Tanzania

what can i do in lake manyara national park -tanzania


Lake Manyara national park consists of lush green vegetation comprising tall trees, tree-climbing lions, and groundwater forests. It also protects the soda lake that harbors thousands of pink-hued flamingos, water birds, baboon troops, blue monkeys, and the rift valley escarpments, making your Tanzanian safari unforgettable and complete. Lake Manyara national park’s name comes from a specific plant called Emanyara in Maasai, the local Tanzanian language, or Euphorbia tirucallanes in English. Lake Manyara National Park covers approximately 648.7 km2.


Lake Manyara National Park encounters two rainy seasons, with the short rainy season beginning in November and continuing through December, the long rainy season beginning from February to May, and the long dry season starting from late June to October every year.


Lake Manyara National Park’s Attractions

Lake Manyara National Park is remarkably notable due to its tree-climbing lions, groundwater forest, Marang' forest, rift valley, hot springs, and diversified bird species. Planning your safari to Tanzania is not complete if you exclude visiting Lake Manyara National Park which offers exceptional encounters that quench people’s travel thirst.


Wild Animals at Lake Manyara National park

Lake Manyara national park protects a thousand animals, including elephants, tree-climbing lions, buffalo, hippo, giraffes, leopards, and cheetahs, which are spotted occasionally. Lions chose to rest on the trees in Lake Manyara National Park. The Lions of Lake Manyara National Park provide an unforgettable experience.


Bird watching at Lake Manyara national park

Lake Manyara National park offers a diverse range of bird species, with more than 390 species including migratory birds, resident birds, forest birds, and 50 birds of prey. Other bird species include raucous forest hornbills, flotillas of pelicans, and pink-hued flamingos.


Game Drive at Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara national park game drives within the lower slopes of the great rift valley protect a variety of wildlife species such as elephants, tree-climbing lions, buffalo, leopards, antelopes, and giraffes that offer exceptional sightings all day.