Aberdare National Park-Kenya

Aberdare national park-kenya


Aberdare National Park is situated in the Northern Highlands of Kenya. Aberdare offers a pleasant suitable climate and fertile soils.  the northern part is occupied with the highest peak standing at3999 m above the sea of Ol Doinyo Lasatima. On the lower part of this mountain, the landscape is surrounded by grass with tree heather, waterfalls, ice streams. Aberdare National Park's fauna is varied and rich. Aberdares’ gentle eastern slopes protect elephants, elands, buffalo, water backs, rhinoceroses, bushbuck, reedbuck, hyenas, diversified species of duikers, and lions.


Aberdare national park accommodates a mountain range that has been recently renamed Nyandarua, but also its name still counts. This mountain is situated in the Aberdare national park offering is a unique ecosystem in Kenya. According to the Kikuyu traditions, this mountain range is among the home of the god called Ngai. The mountains stand at a height of 4000 meters above sea levels providing the beautiful V-shaped valleys with fresh rivers in Aberdare national park.


Although, the water from the river drags itself past beautiful waterfalls throughout the country sometimes.

Game viewing at Aberdare national park is so rewarding where you can spot animals such as lions, black and white colobus monkeys, leopards, baboons, and Sykes are abundant. Special sightings within Aberdare national park include viewing the Golden Cat, bird watching because the park offers More than 250 bird species including Jackson's Francolin, African hawk, sparrow hawk, sunbirds, eagles, and plovers.


Aberdare national park also offers special African Buffaloes, African elephants, the giant wild boar that roam within the bamboo zone, and the tropical rainforest during the dry seasons. As soon as the first rainy season begins, these animals travel to the high moors within the plateau and move to the lower Treetops Salient. Aberdare forests are fenced completely on one side to control the local people from raiding the animals, poachers, and loggers.


Aberdare national park also protects Kenya's endangered native black rhinoceros where the Rhino Ark Trust fundraising events are arranged to fund the money for the construction and maintenance of this fence. Aberdare National Park is home to the rare Bongo species which is an antelope species that are mostly active at night and occasionally spotted during the day. The Bongo usually live in pairs or families, the Bongo family can grow up to 35 members. Sighting the bongos is so difficult because they tend to dwell deep in the tropical rain- forest especially during the day.