What Can I Do In Tsavo National Park-Kenya

what can i do in tsavo national park-KENYA


Tsavo National Park is among Kenyans’ main tourist destinations, situated in the country's southwest. Tsavo National Park is subdivided into two parts: Tsavo East National park and Tsavo West National park. Tsavo national park is famous for a huge number of Lions that could sometimes be termed by many people as the “Man-Eaters” and other wildlife species such as the big herds of African elephants. Tsavo national park covers approximately 13,747 square kilometers.


Tsavo East national park and Tsavo west national park are divided by a railway line. Tsavo national park is known for its man-eating lions, Tsavo national park also protects the rugged landscape characterized by mountains and wooded grasslands located in Tsavo West National Park. Tsavo East National Park is characterized by Savannah grassland and semi-arid grasslands where wildlife species can easily be spotted. Tsavo national park's man-eating lions came to be recognized when two male lions attacked workers during the railway construction that was passing through Tsavo national park. 


Tsavo national park Attractions

Game drives at Tsavo national park, Tourists can take part in the game drives as they explore this magical national park to observe different wild animals and other unique attractions within the park. Tsavo national park game drives take place at different times of the day, such as full-day game drives, morning game drives, afternoon game drives, and evening game drives.


Tsavo national park morning game drives take tourists to see different active wildlife species in the morning while they search for food. Tsavo national park tourists can spot amazing wildlife species such as African elephants, Cape buffalo, lions, warthogs, baboons, waterbucks, giraffes, impalas, bushbucks, zebras, hyenas, rare kudus, antelopes, and leopards, among other rare wildlife species.


Bird watching

Bird watching at Tsavo national park offers tourists a unique opportunity to see special bird species such as ostriches, storks, starlings, pied kingfishers, African finfoot, vulturine guinea fowl, reed warblers, corncrakes, martial eagles, lesser kestrels, black-faced sandgrouse, northern brown bulls, and red-backed shrikes. The best birding spot at Tsavo National Park is at Mzima Springs, where you can also view monkeys, crocodiles, and hippos.


Nature walks 

Nature walks at Tsavo national park offer a unique style of exploring natural beauty that involves on-foot movement within this national park. This nature walk allows tourists to view wildlife species that bring them closer to nature and the surrounding areas.



Hiking at Tsavo national park is a special adventurous activity during your African safari at Tsavo national park makes travelers enjoy the natural beautiful scenery destination from its higher viewpoint within the hilly and rugged landscape in the Tsavo west national park.