Mangroves National Park-Congo

mangroves national park-congo


Mangrove national park is the only marine park in Congo. Mangroves National park is the home to the wetland that protects the Manatee's remaining population within the Congo River just near the Moanda territory that is next to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s and only true ocean town of Moanda where most visitors start their safari from before visiting the park.


Mangrove national park was established as a national park in 1992 covering an area of 768 square kilometers, making it Congo’s smallest national park with endless mangroves spread everywhere within the park. Mangrove national park is in three main regions as mangroves island, the coastal strip, and the riverside land area.


What to see in Mangroves National park

The fauna of Mangroves National Park offers a unique natural wonder of fauna in this specific area. It also accommodates an abundance of marine species such as hippos, snakes, and crocodiles. Mangroves national park also protects the endangered manatee population. Mangroves national park’s mainland protects monkeys, bushbucks, and Southern reedbuck.


When to visit

Mangroves national park is best visited in the wet season when plants are bringing on a whole new which means the ever-green lush tropical forestry. Travelers to mangroves national should always dress properly due to weather changes (possibly rain), get ready for mosquitoes, kindly carry a strong mosquito repellent along.


What to do at Mangroves national park

Boat cruise

Boat cruises along the Congo River offer a better viewing of marine wildlife species such as crocodiles, hippos, manatees, and other aquatic species, bird species that rewards you with a panoramic view of Mangroves national park.


Wildlife viewing

Travelers can easily spot wildlife species such as snakes, reedbucks, manatees, monkeys featuring the striking mangrove trees.



Fish in the Congo river is occupied with different fish species making the fishing life meaningful at the best recreational activity that is suitable for tourists after wildlife experiences.


Bird watching

Mangrove national park offers a variety of bird species for bird lovers, mangroves national park bird species include egrets, Kingfishers, herons, and vultures, among others.