Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

mgahinga gorilla national park

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Mgahinga gorilla national park is set in southwestern Uganda in Kisoro district and Uganda’s smallest National park which belongs to the 3 national parks within the Virunga conservation area and the other two national parks include the Virunga National park in the DRC and the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. Mgahinga Gorilla national park was established officially in 1991 and is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and covers approximately 33.7-sq. km and Mgahinga gorilla national park accommodates three of the Virunga chained mountains that include Mt. Muhavura that stands at 4,127 above sea levels, Mt. Gahinga which stands at 3,474 meters above sea levels, and Mt. Sabinyo standing at 3,645 meters.


 Mgahinga Gorilla National park was created for the sake of protecting the endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Mgahinga Gorilla national park is a top of Uganda’s stunning place accommodating the three of the Virunga chained volcanoes which hiking to the top offer an unforgettable encounter. Mount Gahinga protects an awesome swamp at the top, Muhavura offers a crater lake at its top and mount Sabinyo offers the best experiences. Hiking to Mount Sabinyo summit makes tourists set a foot in 3 countries at once that including Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda. 


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park protects over 39 mammals including the endangered Mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, buffaloes and forest elephants, bushbucks, giant forest hogs, black-fronted duikers, leopards, spotted hyenas, and 79 bird species.


Mgahinga gorilla national park there only offers one mountain gorilla group that is the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla group that is being tracked, years back the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family was mobile from one country to another then finally it made the Mgahinga gorilla national park their permanent home. 


How to Get to Mgahinga

Mgahinga gorilla national park is situated 510km from Kampala Uganda’s capital and tourists can always get there by either Road or Air. By road, traveling takes about a 9-10hours drive from Kampala to Mgahinga gorilla national park. Mgahinga gorilla national park can also easily be accessed by air with a chartered flight from Entebbe International airport to Kisoro airfield, the use of flights saves your time and is tiresome.


Top things to do in Mgahinga gorilla national park


Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking in Mgahinga’s breathtaking tourism most done activity offering only Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family that is being tracked. Mountain gorilla tracking begins in the morning with a briefing about the do and don’ts of tracking the endangered gorillas, Mgahinga gorilla national park’s guides and park rangers are all experienced about mountain gorillas and the park at large. Mountain gorillas tracking involves moving deep in the dense forest, steep slopes, and valleys. Mountain gorilla tracking periods take approximately 2-4 fours depending on the location of these mountain gorillas.


Volcano/Mountain Climbing

Mgahinga Gorilla national park offers thrilling and adventurous hiking to the top of the three Virunga-chained volcanoes. Travelers can hike each volcano to the summit in just one day, these three Volcanoes include;


Mountain Muhavura 

Mountain Muhavura stands at 4,127m high, climbing to the summit takes approximately 8 hours while covering about 12km. This volcano is mostly covered with small shrubs, grasses, and rock offering the best views in Uganda, Mount Muhavura top gives travelers endless views of Rwenzori mountains, Virunga chained volcanoes, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Lake Edward of Queen Elizabeth national park.


Mountain Gahinga

Hiking mount Gahinga takes about 6 hours, climbing this volcano takes all along to the Bamboo forest as travelers reach the summit, this volcano protects a swamp, and the distance covered is approximately 8 km.


Mount Sabinyo

Hiking Mountain Sabinyo takes about 8 hours, and hiking to its summit is quite challenging but the most adventurous encounters while hiking Mount Sabinyo you will slope to the gorges and ravines. Mount Sabinyo summit offers a remarkable experience with endless views of the 3 countries which include Uganda, Rwanda, and the DR. Congo



Mgahinga Gorilla National park offers different bird species with approximately 79 species, birding watching can take place in the bamboo forest, in the gorge between Mount Sabinyo and Mount Gahinga, within the montane forest Mgahinga gorilla national park unique bird species include the Rwenzori Turaco.


Hiking and Nature walks

Hiking and nature walks are done at the edges of these mountains that make it an interesting tourism activity where hikers move in the wild vegetation on foot, think bamboo forests, around the Rugezi swamp that offer a chance to view a beautiful scenic of agricultural areas, nearby lakes like Lake Mutanda and also view forest birds.


Golden Monkey Tracking

Mgahinga gorilla national park protects Uganda’s endangered golden monkeys, Golden monkeys are amazing to view as they climb different trees, Golden monkey tracking should not be missed out on your Mountain gorilla tracking safaris in Mgahinga Gorilla national park.


Cultural Encounters

 Mgahinga Gorilla national park thickets also protect the indigenous group of people called the Batwa, whereby they used to stay, feed, hunt, and where they used to do all their other activities in the forests. Travelers to Mgahinga Gorilla national park can visit the Batwa people’s homes to see their way of living, eating, dressing, dance among others, the Batwa offers a unique cultural encounter.


Where to Stay

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Nkuringo Safari Lodge

Traveler’s Nest Hotel

Mt. Mgahinga Rest Camp

Mount Mgahinga Lodge