When Can I Go To Murchison Falls National Park-Uganda

when can i go to murchison falls national park-uganda


Murchison Falls National Park stands on the northern edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, just near the bulky Bunyoro escarpment, which joins the large plains of the Acholi people. Murchison Falls National Park is among Uganda's oldest protected areas. Murchison Falls National Park was gazetted initially as a game reserve by 1926 and upgraded as a protected savanna national park. 


Murchison Falls National Park is intersected by the Victoria Nile, which first pours down the 80 km of white-water rapids before watering out a 40-meter wall over the remains of the rift valley wall at Murchison Falls, the centerpiece of Murchison Falls National Park. Uganda’s powerful water Fall pours out its last water into the Nile River, and Murchison Falls tranquil stream moves quietly straight to the rift valley floor, just about 55km from Lake Albert. On every traveler's Uganda safari, this river stretch provides the most memorable wildlife spectacles. Regular visitors to Murchison Falls National Park include elephants, cape buffaloes, and giraffes, while Nile crocodiles and hippopotamuses are permanent residents within the showers.


Getting to Murchison falls national park

By road, driving from Entebbe or Kampala takes approximately 4-5 hours, crossing the Nile River at Paraa, which is in the center of the park; Paraa is just 85km from Masindi town while using the direct route. Along the route, one passes through Budongo forest, which is another alternative but the most enjoyable route, offering all the spectacular views within Lake Albert, ranging from the rift valley escarpment above Butiaba. Paraa can also be accessed via the north, or from Chobe Gate near Karuma Falls, Tangi Gate next to Pakwach, just 25 km from Paraa, and Wankwar Gate next to Purongo.


What to do at Murchison falls national park

There are five daily boat trips to the base of the falls, which also offer fine game drives and bird watching. The Lake Albert delta offers visitors the best chance in Africa to see the rare Shoebill stork. Murchison Falls National Park also offers Chimpanzee tracking at Budongo Forest.


When to visit Murchison

An Ugandan’s travel experience to Murchison Falls national park can be done throughout the year. Uganda offers two sunny seasons: the first rainy season lasts from June to September, and the short sunny season lasts from December to early March. Uganda’s first rainy season starts from the end of March until May, and the short one starts from October to November. Although rain is unpredictable due to seasonal changes, the best time to visit Murchison Falls is from December to early March or from June to September each year.