Batwa Trail & Cultural Experience In Uganda-Mgahinga

Batwa trail & cultural experience in uganda-mgahinga


Have you imagined visiting the “Batwa people of Uganda who lived in the forest before their resettlement”? Have you thought of having a chance to meet the pygmies of Uganda during your mountain gorilla trekking encounter to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park? When you visit them, you will be able to see the forest nature in their eyes and lives. With the Batwa cultural trail experience of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you will encounter the unforgettable authentic culture, traditions, and customs of the Batwa people who formerly lived deep in the tropical rain forest and be free to explore the Batwa people’s ancient cultures.


The Batwa people of Uganda were the original bush people of the forests before Bwindi impenetrable forest national park &Mgahinga Gorilla national park were upgraded into National Parks in 1991. The dense tropical rain forests situated on the foothills of Virunga chained Volcanoes used to be the Batwa’s most comfortable homes where they use to live as hunters, fruits’ gatherers, and fierce warriors, basically the Batwa people used to depend on the forest as their source of food, and herbal medicine.


The Batwa Trail experience is a safari activity that is always combined with a mountain gorilla trekking experience at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


Highlights of the Batwa Trail experience 

The Batwa Trail takes travelers from the base of Muhuvura Cave. The Batwa trail walk is a Ugandan living museum where travelers can easily learn about the Batwa People, a pygmy tribe who were formerly living in the dense tropical forest of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The Batwa people were hunters, fruits gatherers, and fierce warriors that mostly depended on the forest products for shelter, medicine, and food for their well-being. 


Why the Batwa Trail cultural experiences 

During the Batwa eviction, these pygmies were forced into dropping their nomadic and bushmen lifestyle. Today the Batwa people are among the poorest Ugandans, many of these pygmies are earning a living by working on other people’s local farms. The Batwa Trail was introduced to educate travelers about the former lifestyle of the Batwa people of Uganda Travelers will learn deep how these pygmies used to survive in the dense tropical rain forest of Mgahinga Gorilla national park.


The Batwa trail walk is conducted by Batwa experienced guides who offer more into their former traditional forest life, culture, and their new normal. The Batwa people demonstrate all their past hunting skills, techniques of gathering honey, and fruits. The Batwa guides will show you most of the medicinal plants that were used for treating different diseases, their experienced guide will demonstrate how they used to make bamboo cups, then all the travelers are invited finally to the sacred Ngarama Cave, which was once the home to the Batwa King. The Batwa women within the community perform their cultural dance where travelers are also allowed to participate in their traditional dances.


Important information to Know about the Batwa people of Uganda

This Ugandan interesting Batwa people’s cultural trail experience was launched on the 7th June 2011 in order to preserve the Batwa culture and their traditions with an aim of promoting cultural development. The Batwa Cultural experience gives jobs to the Batwa people who participate in the daily activities such as guides, dancers, and all other demonstrators. After your thrilling mountain gorilla trekking safari in Mgahinga Gorilla National park or Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park, travelers can participate in this splendid Batwa cultural trail that is worth your penny spent. You shouldn’t miss out on the captivating things such as the exhilarating Batwa cultural feel. During your invigorating Batwa cultural trail, travelers are taken through the original Batwa grass-thatched houses, the Batwa people will also demonstrate how they construct grass-thatched huts, showcase their traditional herbs that were used in the past and still use to treat different diseases, hunting techniques, how they used to fetch water by the use of bamboo cups/mugs, traditional skills of gathering honey & fruits, how to make fire by friction of using sticks.


The Batwa incredible cultural trail experience takes travelers across Uganda’s tropical rain forest of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and through Mt Muhavura and Mt Gahinga. The Batwa cultural trail starts with your experienced guide stops and kneeling down at some hut to pray to their first gods to bless the trail walk. This is the same spot where their men used to kneel in the ancient days to pray to the gods to seek blessings and protection before they venture into the tropical rain forest to hunt or gather fruits and honey.


In conclusion, the Batwa cultural trail experience is an incredible encounter where travelers can engage themselves after mountain gorilla trekking encounters. Besides all the interesting community activities they showcase such as hunting techniques, honey harvesting skills, how to make bamboo cups, visiting the pharmacy where traditional medicines are made and the trail walk to the sacred Ngarama cave, and travelers can support the local communities and improve the Batwa’s standard of living.