Comparing Gorilla Tracking And Gorilla Trekking



Many people use these words Gorilla tracking and Gorilla trekking interchangeably by travelers and different bloggers, however, many think these words mean the same thing, although, these two words mean completely two different activities, all have the word Gorillas in common.  Below are the different explanations of these two activities.


Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking is mostly done by expert ranger guides, researchers, and park staff. Gorilla tracking involves tracking down the location of specific Gorilla families, based on their last known location, where they slept the previous night, and their feeding zone. Gorilla trackers participate due to different reasons, such as researchers do gorilla tracking for research purposes, gorilla census, etc. while the expert rangers do Gorilla tracking in order to know gorilla location so that when tourists come to view these gorillas they always get a chance to spot in their natural environment and offering a guarantee at 99% opportunity of viewing gorillas despite the fact that gorillas move from place to place within their different sectors of the parks. Gorilla tracking is the same in different gorilla tracking national parks of Uganda at Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national parks, Rwanda at volcanoes national park, and Congo at Virunga national park


Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is when tourists go into the thick tropical rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Volcanoes national park, and Virunga national park searching for Mountain Gorillas with the help of expert rangers, and guides. The terrain of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park of Uganda, Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, and Virunga national park of DR. Congo are almost the same, all these national parks compose of thick tropical rain forests and bamboo, this means that they offer the same experience. The variations of these national parks are very minimal, based on the steepness of some national parks that are mountainous in nature and the hilly nature of the Virunga massif.


Gorilla trekking kick off early in the morning, where guests are expected to have had their early morning breakfast, report to their respective morning briefing points by 7:30 am where trekkers are taught about mountain gorilla trekking do’s and don’ts before being allocated to a mountain gorilla group to track, with a maximum of 8 people assigned per gorilla group. The gorilla trekking activity lasts from between 1-4 hours before the tourists get to meet the allocated gorilla group. Gorilla trekking time depends on several factors such as the terrain, strength, skills of the travelers, movement of the gorilla families, and skill of the park rangers and the guide, etc. However, Gorilla trekking is a thrilling activity when tourists finally meet the mountain gorilla family no matter how long the trek had taken. tourists are only accepted for a maximum of one hour to watch and take pictures with the mountain gorillas. During this time, travelers are allowed to ask the park ranger guides any information they would wish to know about gentle giant apes. After Mountain Gorilla trekking, you can meet up with your tour guide/ driver and he or she takes you to your lodge for lunch.


The difficulty of Gorilla trekking in these national parks

Different tourists have distinct preferences of how strenuous they want the Gorilla trekking to be, some travelers would rather have a long hike of adventure through the African thick tropical rain forests, while other travelers prefer the shorter hikes adventure, and other travelers may be constrained to choose shorter hikes due to age and health conditions. At Devine African safaris, we do our best to find out exactly what our guest wants right from when they send their inquiry until when they book their gorilla trekking safaris.  We help travelers choose the best sector for gorilla trekking based on the traveler’s preferences. We can be able to talk to the park wardens/rangers on your trekking day so that you can be assigned to the Gorilla group based on the traveler’s preference.


Booking your gorilla trekking safaris

We offer several Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris packages, Uganda gorilla trekking safaris packages, and Congo gorilla trekking safaris. Just Browse the Devine African Safaris website select your best preferences regarding gorilla trekking packages and request a quote. Just In case you need some of our reviews regarding our gorilla trekking with some of our previous clients, please check it out on our TripAdvisor page.