How Much Does It Cost To Hike The Topical Water Falls In Nyungwe -Rwanda

how much does it cost to hike the tropical water falls in nyungwe-rwanda


Tourist permit fee for tropical waterfall guided hike

Visitor category

  • Foreigner
  • Foreign resident in Rwanda
  • Rwandan citizen
  • East African citizen
  • East African Foreign resident



  • $ 50
  • $ 40
  • RWF 5000
  • $ 10
  • $ 40



  • -
  • $ 20
  • RWF 2000
  • $ 5
  • $ 20


Tourists are advised against making erroneous, incomplete, or false applications. Such cases may include, among others, applying for the wrong product, uploading a false ID or visa, and uploading an expired ID or visa. Please be advised that verification of tourist documents is done at park entry gates. Tourists who submitted incorrect, incomplete, or false applications WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY TO THE PARK, regardless of whether they paid for and received a system-generated permit.


In case of any doubt about your application and supporting documents, please send your inquiry to Devine African Safaris Reservation Office at


The Rwanda Development Board accepts no liability for erroneous, incomplete, or fraudulent applications.



Guidelines for tropical waterfall guided walk 


Reporting times at the Visitor Information and Registration Centers for the Tropical Waterfall Guided Hike are 9 a.m. in the morning or 1 p.m. in the afternoon.


To qualify for Rwandan or East African Foreign Resident status, foreign residents in Rwanda and East African countries must have a minimum of four consecutive months of residency status or work permit in their passport or diplomatic card.

A diplomat who has a residence visa can be allowed to use the applicable resident rates for his spouse and legally accepted children even if the spouse and legally accepted children do not have resident visas (reside outside of Rwanda).


Reporting East African residents need to provide EAC ID cards or passports.

A tourist with one Rwandan parent and a tourist with a Rwandan spouse will be considered Rwandan as long as the Immigration and Emigration Director General confirms it.



The minimum age for the Tropical Waterfall Guided Hike in Nyungwe National park is 10 years.

Processing Time

A tourist permit will be automatically issued by this system upon completion of the application process.


Application Process

The application process is as simple as picking an available slot in the product of your choice, filling out mandatory forms, uploading the requisite support documents, and paying the applicable fees.

Applications are made with full details of the client (names, passport number, email, and phone number) at the time of payment.

Bookings and reservations are done on a "first come, first served" basis.

Rwandan nationals are expected to pay the full amount at the time of booking.


About tropical waterfall guided hike 

The Waterfall Trail is a stunner of a hike and one of the highlights of Nyungwe. It starts from the Gisakura side of the park and takes three to five hours. The trail winds up and down steep hillsides through primeval looking 'Hollywood' style rainforest where the trees are festooned in vines and the air is heavy and damp. The highlight is a remote waterfall where you can take a shallow dip.