Hyena Hill Lodge



Hyena Hill Lodge is situated on the edge of Lake Mburo National Park just near Sanga gate. Hyena Hill Lodge offers beautiful views of Lake Mburo National Park.


Hyena Hill Lodge offers comfortable cottages with all having king-size beds, private bathrooms, Hyena Hill lodge cottages ranging from single beds, double rooms, and a shared bathroom all providing a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Mburo National Park.


Hyena Hill Lodge is about 35 km to the east of Mbarara via Mbarara-Masaka road.  If you are around the Sanga gate of lake Mburo national park, look for a dirt road with the Hyena Hill lodge green signpost. Stay on that dirt road for approximately 11 km until you reach the lodge.


Getting to Hyena Hill Lodge depends on the road conditions, from either Kampala or Entebbe takes between 4-5 hours and from Mbarara, travelers can take approximately 1 hour.