Can I Do A Night Game Drive At Lake Mburo National Park

can i do a night game drive at lake mburo national park


Night game drives in Lake Mburo National Park are among the best-done of Uganda’s adventure safari activities in the Savannah Woodland, where the night game drive takes place in the evening. A night game drive is one of the most everlasting experiences in every traveler’s life, where travelers encounter a thousand nocturnal species within the savannah woodlands of Lake Mburo National Park. A night game drive is a tourism activity that is done after the sunset and before night falls in the wilderness landscape of Lake Mburo national park, Night game drives involve the use of a strong torch as a source of light for the purpose of searching for animals clearly in the dark. Night game drives offer travelers a chance to be closer to many mammals since they do away with fear during the nighttime activities.


A night game drive offers enjoyment for adventurous tourists in Uganda. A night game drive has been recorded by the travelers who participated in it before, and it's good to know which place has the best night game drive. Lake Mburo National Park is highly recommended for a night game drive, although night game drives can be carried out in other Uganda’s savannah national parks, such as Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park.


Lake Mburo National Park is among the few national parks in Uganda offering a night game drive, and during the night game drive, a variety of animals can be spotted that can’t be spotted during day game drives. Night game drives give travelers the opportunity to view numerous nocturnal animals such as hyenas and leopards, and there is one male lion residing in Lake Mburo National Park.


Lake Mburo national park is situated in the western part of Uganda in Kiruhura district that is a few hours from Mbarara town, Lake Mburo national park occupies over 260 square kilometers, Lale Mburo national park is Uganda’s smallest national park and the closet to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, Lake Mburo national park protects mammals such as zebras, African leopards, buffaloes, jackal, hippos, antelope species such as oribi, topi, waterbucks, reedbuck, bushbucks, impala, eland, warthogs, and more 350 bird species including white-winged swamp warble, papyrus yellow warbler, red-faced barbet, mosques swallow, greater pointed -snipe, African fin foot, bare-faced go-away bird, African wattle lapwing among others. Lake Mburo National Park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.


Where can travelers carry out night game drives in Lake Mburo National Park?

A night game drive in Lake Mburo National Park is done in its savannah over the acacia woodland, which allows possible viewing of the nocturnal animals such as hyenas, honey badgers, hares, porcupines, side tripled jackals, white-tailed mongooses, serval cats, thick-tailed galagos, black galago bushpigs, and leopards. Night game drives are always conducted by professional tour guides that take you through this fantastic activity within Lake Mburo National Park.


Despite the night game drives in Lake Mburo national park travelers can engage in other interesting tourism activities such as fishing in Lake Mburo, guided nature walks, bird watching, boat cruises on Lake Mburo, visiting Rubanga Forest, going to the salt licking site where many travelers encounter different animals that gather to lick salt, horseback riding, and bicycle riding tours, among others.


Things to carry for night game drive at Lake Mburo national park include insect repellents, cameras, sweaters or jackets, and a strong lighting torch.


Best time to carry out a night game drive.

A night game drive can be done throughout the year but the night game drive can be best done in the dry seasons when the specified area is dry and out of water, Uganda’s dry seasons last from June, July, August, September, November, December, January, February, and early march