Hiking And Nature Walks In Kidepo Valley National Park

hiking and nature walks in kidepo valley national park


Kidepo Valley National Park is one of Uganda’s most interesting safari national parks situated in the “Pearl of Africa”, although a bit far from Kampala. Kidepo Valley National Park is located at the border of three different East African countries namely Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan. Kidepo valley national park covers approximately 1442 square kilometers offering a majestic landscape hosting amazing natural wonders like the unique stunning wildlife species that may not be spotted anywhere else in Uganda and the endless beautiful savannah plains. Kidepo valley national park is best known to be the third-largest national park in Uganda that provides a thrilling safari activity that gives travelers a unique experience with nature.


Wildlife in Kidepo National Park.

Kidepo valley national park is blessed with more than 475 bird species and over 77 mammals. The dry season is the best time for game viewing here, as you are in your 4×4 safari vehicle on an open roof enjoying the wonderful wildlife species in this park. Kidepo valley national park is featured by the Narus Valley which acts as the only permanent water source in the area during the dry season and is located near Apoka tourism Centre. A thousand wildlife species gather at Narus valley in particular to enjoy freshwater which also freshens up travelers thus making the game drives around the Narus River fascinating and rewarding.


Kidepo valley national park is among Uganda’s popular birding destinations for travelers’ delight unforgettable birding experience just upon your arrival in Kidepo valley national park, travelers always get impressed with many exciting bird species, Kidepo valley national park birding species include Eagles, Red, and Yellow barbe, Somali ostrich, and Kori bustard among many more.


While in Kidepo valley national park, travelers should expect to spot unique wildlife species such as an African buffalo, Uganda kobs, Rothschild giraffes,bat-eared fox, caracal, and Oribis, among others.


Attractions in Kidepo valley national park

• Narus valley

• Kidepo valley and kanangorok Hot springs

• Lomej Hills

• Apoka Tourism Centre and many more.


Activities to participate in Kidepo valley national park


Wildlife viewing

Wildlife viewing in Kidepo valley national park is best done on your game drive experience in an open 4×4 safari vehicle as travelers explore the magical Kidepo. The game drive is usually done either in the morning, or some travelers prefer to enjoy their game drive in the evening with the accompaniment of a professional park ranger guide. Particularly, the night game drive is quite unique offering a wonderful opportunity to spot nocturnal wildlife species such as Bushbabies, jackals, and leopards, that delight your stay in Kidepo valley, and the guided game drive to the Narus valley is situated within 5 kilometers from Apoka Tourism Centre and the guided game drives offer a diversity of distinctive wild animals such as African elephants, duikers, zebras, reedbucks, and buffaloes among others.


Birding in Kidepo valley national park

Kidepo valley national park offers more than 475 bird species and is most popular as a birding destination with unique bird species in Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park is ranked after Queen Elizabeth National Park as the second-largest park in Uganda and Murchison falls national park comes first as Uganda’s largest national park. 


Hiking and guided nature walks within Kidepo valley national park   

Kidepo valley national park’s hiking and guided nature walks are the best adventure safaris activities, hiking kicks off early in the morning and is done within Lomej hills. Hiking and guided nature walks are done after the briefing at the park’s headquarter after travelers are assigned to a knowledgeable and experienced Park Range guide who will take you through the hike. travelers can always combine their hike tour with a 2 hours Kidepo valley walk at Kidepo valley national park that takes place within the banks of an amazing Borassus Palm Forest. Kidepo valley's guide nature walk can also be best done from Apoka Namamukweny valley offering fabulous encounters.


Where to stay while in Kidepo Valley National park.

Kidepo valley national park offers a variety of accommodation options both inside and outside the national park so it's upon the traveler’s decision to choose what he/she wants. These lodges in the national park range from budget, mid-range, and luxury lodges so travelers can book any safari accommodation depending on their actual budget. Kidepo valley national park offers extremely marvelous services and extraordinary care which supplements travelers’ adventure that makes every traveler feel at home in the wild. Some of Kidepo valley lodges include.

• Adere Safari Lodge

• Apoka safari lodge

• Kidepo Savannah Lodge

• Nga Moru Wilderness Camp

• Apoka Rest Camp, among others.