How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Tilenga Safari Lodge -Uganda

how much does it cost to stay at tilenga safari lodge-uganda

Room Types 

Premium Deluxe Cottage (Double)

Executive Cottage (Double )

Premium Deluxe (Single)

Executive Cottage (Single)

Rates in Uganda shillings  







Tilenga Safari Lodge, perched on the northern park boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park, provides a haven of comfort and serenity. Tilenga safari lodge is set in Uganda’s most breathtaking national park, just 1.7 km from Tangi gate on the Karuma-Pakwach main road. Travelers always have to watch out for the Lodges’ signpost that is just a few kilometers before the Pakwach Bridge to not miss out on the magnificent place that overlooks the majestic Albert Nile.


Tilenga Safari Lodge has 13 elegant guest cottages with pleasant amenities, including two luxury tents designed to provide sophisticated maximum tranquility. The River Nile and Murchison Falls National Park are the real focus from an architect’s point of view, ranging from the cottages to the luxury tents, with all the rooms having balconies and terraces overlooking the magical sweeping views. 


Tilenga Safari Lodge offers comfortable accommodations that suit all budgets because the rooms vary from executive rooms to budget rooms. Staying in these beautiful cottages or the most comfortable grass-thatched tents is so rewarding and reflects the great value for money. The traveler's preference for Tilenga safari lodge accommodation.


Tilenga safari lodge’s rooftop terrace is the best spot for travelers’ sundowner drinks. After exploring the breathtaking views of Murchison Falls National Park and the Albert Nile in particular, guests slope to the restaurant where a fine four-course dinner is served.


Tilenga safari lodge is proud to serve their best; fresh bread is baked with fresh supplies, and the lodge brings the best goods from Kampala. The lodge has begun planting its own vegetable garden as well as numerous fruit trees, including citrus, pawpaw, passion fruit, mango, jackfruit, and avocado trees.


Tilenga safari lodge’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at flexible times. The lodges always adapt to travelers’ schedules.


Tilenga Safari Lodge treats every traveler with a mouth-watering menu of both local and international specialties prepared by experienced chefs. Barbecues and traditional dancers add more value to dining outdoors while offering an unforgettable experience.


Tilenga Safari Lodge’s bar is situated in the central part of the lodge. The Lodge’s bar is the best meeting point after a long day of exploring Murchison Falls National Park on safari, or before and after your dining.


Tilenga safari lodge gives ample space for travelers to unwind and relax—with maximum support from the fully stocked bar. Tilenga safari lodge furniture and interior design complement the unique fusion of modern and "Safari" décor.