Where Can I Stay In Kidepo Valley National park 2024-Uganda

which accommodation facilities are in kidepo valley national park 2024-uganda


Kidepo Valley National Park offers fewer accommodation facilities compared to other big national parks in Uganda. As more visitors conquer the park, more individuals and companies are planning to invest more in lodges, hotels, and campsites. click here for gorilla trekking tours


  Although travelers always get a chance to book rooms in the park, we always advise that one should book their room prior to their travel date to avoid inconveniences. 


Kidepo Valley National Park lodges and hotels range into three categories: budget lodges, mid-range lodges, and luxury lodges. All these hotels and lodges are strategically situated within Kidepo Valley National park to allow all visitors to marvel at the great landscape that sets Kidepo Valley National Park apart. The following are the most recommended lodges within Kidepo valley National park.


Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge is a luxury lodge that was built in an area that allows guests to overlook the Narus river from a distance. Apoka Safari Lodge rooms were built with the use of local materials that were sourced locally. The rooms are fully furnished with large beds, towels, soft carpets, and duvets.


Locally made art hangs on the walls of most of the rooms to give travelers the natural feeling of being so close to nature.  Apoka Safari Lodge offers a common living room and a big stone bathtub at the back of the lodge.  The lodge provides both electricity and solar power to ensure that lights are available 24/7.


Apoka Safari lodge has a small plane for easy transportation of travelers who are interested in the chartered flight from Entebbe International Airport to the airstrip nearby.


Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

Nga’Moru (means the place of rocks) offering both mid-range and budget optional rooms (safari tents) are also available but without compromising the quality of the services being provided. Nga’ Moru Wilderness camp faces the Narus Valley of the park providing endless landscape views and animals feeding and drinking fresh water at river Narus.


Nga’Moru wilderness offers a camp fire that is always set in the evening that allow travelers to mingle and enjoy the beautiful African night by telling their true stories about their trip to Kidepo Valley.  The camp also offers laundry services and a huge parking space.


Apoka Rest Camp

Apoka Rest Camp is a safari lodge offering both budget option and mid-range room option. Apoka Rest Camp is relatively cheaper to stay at because the lodge is managed and owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Apoka Rest camp offers 14 bandas and 16 chalets that are self-contained. 


Apoka Rest Camp bandas have limited facilities and were designed for traveling on budget. Travelers need to carry their own food and drinks they are interested in staying in the bandas. Food can be prepared on request and the arrangement can be done by staff in the park for travelers who wants to stay for longer periods. Travelers interested in camping may need to come with their own camping tents or hire from the park’s staff at a cost.


Kidepo Savannah lodge

Kidepo Savannah lodge provides both luxury and simple tents that were built just near the Kalokudo gate of Kidepo Valley National park. All the luxury tents are self-contained and offering wonderful views of one of African last standing stuning untapped wilderness.


Kidepo Savannh Lodge simple tents can always be shared and most suitable for tourists on budget. While in the lodge’s premises, tourists can easily see the rolling hills on the border South Sudan and Uganda as well as viewing Morungole Mountains and Narus valley from outside part of the tent or lodge area. The Ik people and Karamojong are the nearby local communities and can be visited on prior booking. 


Food and drinks ranging from hard and soft drinks are served at the lodges fully stocked bar and restaurant while laundry services are always available any time.  Kidepo Savannah lodge hires out cars to travelers, and the lodge also offers spacious parking yard with a security personnel.


When is the best time to visit kidepo valley National park in 2024

The best time to go to Kidepo Valley National park is during the dry season, which runs from September to March. During this period, there is less vegetation and it is easier to see animals near water points. The other best months to travel are in June, July, and August. Check out this 5-Days gorilla trekking safari