How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Geo Lodge Equator Snow Lodge-Uganda

how much does it cost to stay at geo lodge equator snow lodge -uganda


Geo Lodges takes travelers further and deeper into the quest for the ultimate African safari. The lodge is perfectly located at the gateway of the Rwenzori Mountains, where all the roads end and the mountains begin.


For the first time in history, there is a luxurious lodge accommodation facility at the foothills of the Rwenzori. The lodge is built parallel to the River Mubuku, and the Geo Lodge is surrounded by the exceptional ecosystem that makes the Rwenzori Mountains so famous.


Equator Snow Lodge is a sensational spot for the experienced mountaineer and for both the casual trekker and the ordinary traveler. Geo Lodge works in collaboration with the Raboni Community and the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services; a number of mountaineering activities can also be organized from Equator Snow Lodge, ranging from guided mountain nature walks with fewer challenges to climbing mountain peaks that may be technically challenging. So, some travelers may choose to relax or rest at Equator Snow Lodge, which offers spacious mountain cabins and wooden decks that were designed for comfort and relaxation as well.


Come and encounter the legendary landscape that surrounds the Mountains of the Moon, as the Rwenzori Mountains were named by Greek historians, and more.