Where Can I Stay In Queen Elizabeth National Park In Uganda In 2024

where can i sleep in queen elizabeth national park in uganda 2024


Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge 

Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge is situated in the center of Queen Elizabeth National Park, which protects hundreds of different wildlife and bird species, ranging from lions, buffaloes, elephants, antelope species, monkey species, and hippopotamus.


Queen Elizabeth Safari lodge is a community-based cultural Centre & Safari Lodge providing the great history of Uganda and Queen Elizabeth National Park at large. The lodge is Surrounded by scenic beauty and amazing wildlife species. 


Lake Munyanyange  

 Lake Munyanyange is a local name gotten from the indigenous egret birds that are normally sighted at the seasonal crater lake that is situated in the North East of Katwe Salt Lake and also not too far from Uganda’s breathtaking Rwenzori ranges,


Lake Munyanyange Caves is a high celebration of luxury, wellness, fitness, and flamingoes in a magical setting in the wild space overlooking Lake Munyayange in Uganda’s renowned Queen Elizabeth National Park. Lake Munyanyange cave resort is an important Birding zone offering bird species like Flamingos.


Irungu Forest Lodge 

Irungu forest lodge & campsite is an excellent starting point for your safari activities situated in western Uganda. Irungu forest safari lodge adheres to eco-tourism principles & well designed for maximum privacy and authentic safari ambiance.

Irungu forest lodge is Surrounded by the queen Elizabeth National Park and borders the Kazinga channel, Irungu forest safari lodge offers a truly unique setting that is draped with the sounds of Uganda’s unmatched wildlife species.


Savannah Resort Hotel 

Savannah Resort Hotel is perched between Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Queen Elizabeth National Park mostly near the Ishasha sector which is only 8 km, Savannah Resort Hotel is the perfect base for viewing two of the world's most unique animals namely mountain gorillas and the rare tree climbing lions.


Savannah Resort Hotel offers a range of tourism attractive activities such as mountain Gorilla tracking in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Safari viewing of the vast array of animal species in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Birding, chimpanzee trekking experience, and the ideal ambiance for resting and recreation center. 


Marafiki Safari Lodge  

Marafiki Safari Lodge is situated in a unique location, the lodge was designed using handcrafted local materials, and matched with artisans from the local communities.


Marafiki Safari Lodge overlooks Lake George in the Queen Elizabeth National Park but offers private luxury safari tents that are raised with wooden floors, and canvas walls that can be rolled up to allow travelers to sit comfortably while watching the Savannah Plains and all the breathtaking views across Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Rwenzori Mountains ranges.


Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge  

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge was well designed by a Ugandan man which is passionate about sustainability combined with an American business partner, they both created a beautiful place that provides guests with a highly exclusive, truly African experience and hospitality environmentally conscious space.


Aramaga Rift Valley promotes green roof technology, every aspect of the Aramaga Rift Valley lodge was constructed carefully to protect the environment and harmonize the natural landscape.


Aramaga Rift Valley lodge is set on an escarpment that is overlooking the Great Rift Valley, the lodge’s windows offer breathtaking views of the soaked Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda’s Semliki Wildlife Reserve, and the Great Rift Valley floor.


Pumba Safari Cottages 

Pumba Safari Cottages is a budget eco-friendly lodge situated by Queen Elizabeth national park. At our own Queen Elizabeth NP lodge offers travelers cozy accommodation, friendly services, and stunning views of the park. 



Pumba Safari Lodge is set in Kyambura gorge that overlooks the Queen Elizabeth National Park along the rim of the western rift valley in the western part of Uganda, the lodge is in a prime wildlife species area. Pumba safari lodge offers a view of the rich animal kingdom travelers can easily spot elephants coming to enjoy fresh waters from the waterhole from Pumba Safari Cottages.


Mweya Safari Lodge 

Mweya Safari Lodge offers an unforgettable experiences to its visitors. Mweya Safari lodge is situated on a peninsula in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mweya Safari Lodge is set within the magical Rwenzori Mountains ranges that were described as the 'Mountains of the Moon. 


Mweya Safari lodge is situated in the birthplace of mankind, within the Great Rift Valley hills, separated from the Rwenzori Mountains by the powerful Kazinga Channel. Where its water flows endlessly into two different giant lakes namely Lake Edward and Lake George. Mweya Safari Lodge is beyond doubt offering unique encounters always.


Kasenyi Safari Camp 

Kasenyi Safari Camp is located strategically on the rim of lake Bunyampaka within the Kasenyi savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kasenyi Safari camp provides an elevated dining structure with a meticulously thatched. The safari tents are on raised platforms with a grass thatched canopy roof.


The camp has eight tents all with bathrooms, spacious areas, and private decks. Many animal species frequent Kasenyi Safari camp during the day & night. This Safari Camp is always surrounded by Lions’ pride, leopard, hippo, cape buffalo, African elephants, waterbuck, Bushbucks, kob, hyena, and warthogs frequently.


Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is set within the Southern Ishasha sector of Uganda’s second largest National park Queen Elizabeth National Park nest to the Ntungwe river, Ishasha wilderness camp is an idyllic retreat for travelers who truly enjoy the wild.


Ishasha wilderness is an exclusive camp that blends with the magic of a wilderness tented camp offering superb service in an unmatched and remote sector of the National Park.


The Ishasha sector savannahs are famous for their high population of unique tree-climbing lions that can be spotted resting or lying on the branches of the large fig trees. Being within Queen Elizabeth National park many wildlife species pass freely through the camp and elephants can be seen bathing in the river more often, Cape buffalo enjoy grazing around the camp and resident troops include the Black-and-White Colobus monkeys, and velvet monkeys are frequently spotted too.


Enganzi Game Lodge  

Enganzi game lodge is a midrange accommodation option that is located at Queen Elizabeth national park. Enganzi Game Lodge’s uniqueness is gotten from the breadmaking views of Queen Elizabeth national park as spotted from the cottages patched along the rift valley.


A simple step into Enganzi Game Lodge premises always has travelers longing for more of their stay because of the view as viewed from respective cottages same as the well-positioned restaurant.


  An African safari can only be concluded as successful when a traveler stays in a tranquil place to unwind, rest, and relax after the long days of chasing the wildlife game drives within Queen Elizabeth National park, chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge, or at Kalinzu forest. Topping to the lodge remarkable views patterned with the beautiful swimming pool.


 Park View Lodge  

Parkview safari lodge is offering undeniable luxury accommodations presented by an authentic African touch where guests unwind and relax in the cool atmosphere, travelers always enjoy the serene of the wilderness, and explore your luxurious rooms designed while minding the utmost comfort that features local and cultural setup of traditional African styles.


Park View Lodge is pampered by the professional staff along history of excellent services in hospitality. The lodge came to renew body and soul in the breathtaking views of Queen Elizabeth national park the land of the rare tree-climbing lions and the Bunyabuguru hills.


Park view lodge’s lush en suite cottages are well placed in a natural setting crafted with the use of natural materials that were fitted with the canvas that is blending with all the surroundings. The cottages were thatched with Uganda’s local grass presented with a cool atmosphere that is suitable for relaxation while on your wildlife safari. 


Elephant Plains Lodge 

Elephant Plains Lodge is a brand-new luxury safari lodge that is situated on the most spectacular viewing point within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Elephant plains Lodge is set 941 meters above sea level, high up along the western escarpment of the Albertine rift Valley in the northeast sector of Queen Elizabeth National park, Elephant plains lodge offers endless views stretching from miles over the huge open savannah plains to lake George.


Elephant plains lodge is located just a short drive to the Kasenyi plains offering open savannah plains filled with a number of wildlife species. Kasenyi plains area offers fantastic game drives, and a huge number of bird species, this is the major breeding ground for many antelope species, tree climbing lions, and the park’s big cats to the area. Kasenyi open plains are where endless game viewing takes place. 


Elephant Hab Lodge 

Elephant Hab Lodge is a top luxurious safari lodge within the periphery of Queen Elizabeth National Park specifically in Kyambura Gorge, Elephant Hab Lodge has situated just a 10-minute drive from the chimpanzee trekking point. Elephant Hab Lodge is perched within the habitat of African elephants, where travelers frequently spot herds of African Elephants grazing from the lobby and from their balcony of the lodge’s cottage, hence it's where the lodge got its name. 


Simba Safari Camp 

Simba Safari Camp is a renowned excellent accommodation that is nestled atop a hill overlooking Uganda’s Lake Kikorongo on the edge of the second largest and most popular Queen Elizabeth National Park offering panoramic views across the extensive open savannah plains teeming with a variety of wild animals, Lake George, Lake Edward, and the famous Kazinga Channel.


Simba Safari Lodge is the closest accommodation option to Kasenyi plains which is known because of many antelope species that are the most preferred sector for game viewing. Simba Safari Camp is also closer to other sectors in the northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park such as the Mweya Peninsula and the Kazinga Channel which is known for boat cruises, a range of game-viewing, and bird watching.


Staying at Simba safari camp gives travelers a greater opportunity to enjoy the guided chimpanzees trekking in Kyambura Gorge.


Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp  

Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp is perched on the Kyambura escarpment of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth safari camp is a budget Safari accommodation option focusing on budget travelers. This camp was built with the use of local materials and the roofs are thatched with dry papyrus.


Queen Elizabeth safari camp also supports camping activities.

Queen Elizabeth safari camp offers different types of accommodation facilities ranging from tents, bandas, and cottages. at this camp, travelers can be able to view many animals which include warthogs, bushbucks, waterbucks, and elephants moving freely around its vicinity. On a clear day, travelers can also spot the Rwenzori Mountains ranges. 


Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge  

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge forms an excellent base to start your safari viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge was built while following ecological principles, Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge bandas were designed with enough space in such a way that it maximizes privacy and enhances the safari at large.


Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge is Surrounded by Queen Elizabeth National Park and bordered by the Kazinga channel, the Bush lodge is truly in a unique setting. Animals normally roam around the camp and hippos and hyenas entertain the guest during their lit dinner.


Mweya Hostel  

The Mweya institute of Ecology also known as the Mweya Hostel offers budget accommodation. The hostel is set near Mweya safari lodge. This hostel offers single plus double rooms with shared bathrooms and toilets. There are also a couple of rooms that are self-contained and others can even accommodate 4 to 6 people. Mweya hostels has a restaurant serving delicious meals, and a canteen where travelers can buy a couple of things. 


Kyambura Game Lodge  

Kyambura Game Lodge offers a stunning 7 cottage facility made out of a truly ecological spirit and the atmosphere is situated up on a hill that overlooks the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Every room at Kyambura Gorge Lodge overlooks the valley which offers sunsets from a distance.


Kyambura gorge Lodge offers hammocks that are surrounded by the beautiful pool and all the handcrafted artwork around the lodge. The beautiful sceneries are unbelievable and every detail was paid attention to. 


 King Fisher Lodge Kichwambwa 

 Kingfisher Lodge is all every traveler needs while planning on visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kingfisher lodge is very nice and economical in nature. Kingfisher offers rooms that are spacious. The bathrooms are nice& clean. Kingfisher is always having plenty of hot water. It's tranquil and peaceful for travelers looking for a cool vacation destination in Uganda.


Katara Lodge  

Katara Lodge is a luxurious safari that is located in the ambiance of a savannah plains, Katara Lodge is ideal for luxurious travelers to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Katara Lodge is situated just outside of Queen Elizabeth National park.


The Lodges’ rooms are uniquely designed with an African Flavor that matches comfort in the wilderness of Queen Elizabeth National Park within the Mweya sector of the park. Most travelers call it an oasis of excellence – Katara Lodge a beautiful lodge that comes with a full tub. That helps travelers the best treat after a long day of chasing animals on the Game Drives, or Chimpanzee Trekking in the Kyambura Gorge.


Katara Lodge offers five luxurious thatched cottages providing travelers comfort and relaxation after a day of tracking wildlife species and many bird species of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Katara Lodge is among the hidden jewels within Queen Elizabeth National Park giving travelers luxurious treats and a high sense of privacy.


Jacana Safari Lodge 

Jacana Safari Lodge offers 10 Ten independent luxurious chalets, and a family cottage providing two rooms that are combined together, each room is curtained by the dense foliage of the Maramagambo Forest. All the chalets assure clients a peaceful and restorative home away from home with a unique theme attached to it.


Jacana safari lodge offers spacious rooms that are designed to please the maximum comfortability. Jacana safari Lodge’s rooms have en-suite bathrooms with running hot water for showers, Jacana safari lodge has an enclosed private veranda with large panoramic windows that gives the best picture- views of Lake Nyamusingire allowing travelers to enjoy a chilly sundowner.


Jacana safari lodge is situated on the northern edge of Maramagambo Forest and overlooking Lake Nyamasingiri, which is Uganda's largest volcanic crater lake, Jacana safari lodge was crafted with wood and grass thatch construction. 


 Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp

Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp is situated outside Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Ishasha sector of Uganda’s second largest National park -Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp is a tented camp offering a choice for more affordable options within the Ishasha sector of the park. 


Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp is also near African elephant trails and provides travelers with a quiet wilderness safari experience in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National park. Ishasha Ntungwe River camp is located near the park’s premises that is surrounded by the masses of wildlife species in this isolated national park.


Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp is a moderate-priced safari camp that overlooks the Ntungwe river, the camp offers different choices and the camp’s prices depend on the location of the room for example the rooms at the edge of the river are pricier compared to the long-distance ones. All the rooms are spacious, en-suite tents and solar hot water are provided in your comfort and the bar is well-stocked for comfortability.


 Ishasha Jungle Lodge 

Uganda  Ishasha Jungle Lodge was constructed in 2011 with objectives, Ishasha Jungle Lodge is an eco-friendly tourist lodge where accommodation meets the full experience of nature, the lodge is located in a great potential environment.


Ishasha Jungle lodge is where intervention recovers nature in the full sense of helping, the lodge was built with the use of local acknowledge materials, with less environmental impact and maximum charming results, Ishasha Jungle Lodge provides food services that are prepared in line with the best organic ingredients concepts, with attendance ranging from local food and finally operating responsibly by implementing environmental rules such as using sustainable energy, community development, and conservation.


 Ihamba Safari Lodge 

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge provides a unique combination of safari experience, lake, and relaxation in unmatched styles within Queen Elizabeth National Park. Ihamba Safari lodge is home to the Queen Elizabeth National park’s stunning array of wildlife species, such as huge herds of African elephants, lions, hippos, buffaloes, leopards, chimpanzees, and more than 600 bird species.


Ihamba safari lodge is accompanied by experienced conservation tour guides, their guests can discover Uganda’s other popular tourist destinations through exhilarating activities such as tree-climbing lions tracking, chimpanzee trekking, hiking, bird watching, nature walks, and the boat cruise on Kazinga Channel.


 Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge 

The standard hippo hill camp is a new tourist constructed camp near Queen Elizabeth national park in katwe town, the camp is set on a hill facing the kitako and kabazimu islands near the confines of Lake Edward, Lake Katwe, and Lake Munyanyange Crater Lake. 


The Kitandara Hippo hill camp tents offer 10 beautifully perched tents with private toilets. The camp’s tents are decorated and fully furnished to suit visitors' needs. All the tents consist of a spacious dining section with standard cuisines, a fully-stocked bar, and a restaurant that overlooks Lake Albert.