What Are The 6 Best Places To Visit In Uganda

what are the 6 best places to visit in uganda


Uganda is a tiny and landlocked location that might be regarded as a relatively obscure destination for most tourists looking for attractive spots to experience in Africa. Despite not having an ocean nearby, 25% of Uganda is made up of lakes and rivers, and it surely packs in a lot more amazing areas of interest that make travelers want to come back again and again. The mountainous, forested Bwindi National Park is among the top tourist sites in Uganda and one of the best locations for mountain gorilla trekking. Uganda is also home to sizable savannah reserves, lowland rainforests, and beautiful lakes, which together make for one of the largest wildlife experiences in Africa. Nevertheless, Uganda's tourist attractions don't end there. Below are the six best places to visit in 2023.


Why should you visit Kampala, the capital city and gateway to Uganda?

Busy Kampala is Uganda's commercial, political, and logistical center, as well as one of East Africa's most relaxed and hospitable towns. Kampala is a classic African capital with a tight, high-rise center surrounded by extensive suburbs. The only international airport in Uganda is located 42 kilometers away, in Entebbe, right beside Lake Victoria. Many tourists may stay the night here or in Kampala before and after their Uganda safari because it is the main entry and exit point for the country.


Why should you visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Gorilla Trekking and Rainforest Wildlife viewing?

Don't let Bwindi's frightening moniker deter you; Bwindi is quite accessible and regarded as one of the greatest locations in Uganda for gorilla trekking. Naturalist trackers and tourists’ guides will lead you inside Bwindi, and the effort will be repaid with a spectacular experience in this mighty forest. Spend an hour watching a family of gorillas in their natural rainforest environment before slipping away and returning to your cozy jungle lodge. A gorilla walk is challenging in the rainy, muggy, and unpleasant conditions, but the experience is truly amazing.


Why should you visit Murchison Falls National Park for Game Viewing, River cruises, and Bird watching?

Travelers shouldn’t anticipate a diverse assortment of creatures at Murchison Falls, and you'd be right because the Nile River neatly cuts through Uganda's largest park. For the traditional big game species like elephants, lions, buffalo, and hippo, this is the place to go in Uganda. Murchison Falls is home to almost 500 species of birds, in addition to chimpanzees and colobus monkeys in its woodlands. There is also a boat ride to the magnificent falls, where the rumbling Nile thunders through a 7-meter gap in the Great Rift Valley Escarpment.


Why should you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for Game viewing, Bird watching, chimpanzee tracking, and River Cruises?

Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most well-known and easily accessible savannah reserve in Uganda, is home to elephants, leopards, buffalo, various antelope species, and the tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha Plains. It also conveniently connects with Bwindi Forest. Take a boat tour on the Kazinga Channel to see hippo and crocodiles, and don't forget your binoculars—Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places in the world to go bird watching, with its astounding 600 species of birds.


Why should you visit Kibale Forest National Park for Primate trekking, Bird watching, and Butterflies?

Kibale Forest, which is quickly rising to the top of the list of must-see locations in Uganda, provides tourists with an approachable and eye-opening glimpse into living in a tropical jungle. The clouds of brilliant butterflies and lovely forest birds more than make up for the difficulty in spotting large mammals; in fact, Kibale is most well-known for its monkeys. Visit the gorgeous forest on chimpanzee hikes with a guide to see how many of the other 12 primate species you can find.


Why should you visit Lake Mburo National Park for Serene Game Viewing and Bird watching?

An ideal overnight stop for travelers traveling between Lake Mburo and the gorilla trekking jungles of the south-west is Kampala, the capital of Uganda and its main entry point. The tremendous mixture of wetland and woodland environments supports a large variety of creatures and birds, and Mburo's serene ambiance and comforting sights offer much-needed relief after a taxing journey, even though heavyweights like the elephant are absent.