Which Volcano Can I Hike In Volcanoes National Park-Rwanda

which volcano can i hike in volcanoes national park-rwanda


Hiking volcanoes is not easy, and travelers should be ready to take on the challenge once they are in Rwanda. Hikers in Rwanda have various things to see while they are hiking, and these include the wonderful scenery at the peak of every volcano, a large number of butterfly species, many bird species, mountain gorillas, monkey species, and other primate species. The hikes at Volcanoes National Park can be done on different volcanoes and in different places with specified hiking trails, and below are some of the volcanoes where travelers can have their hike.


Can I hike Karisimbi Mountain?

Karisimbi Mountain, also commonly called the White Shell Mountain, stands at a height of over 4507 meters above sea level and is the fifth highest mountain within Volcanoes National Park. When you start hiking up the Karisimbi, hikers should pack a few clothes because sometimes it gets so cold at night. Hikers are given a few pieces of hiking gear for a specific amount of time, and hiking starts in the morning with a well-trained tour guide.


The hike to Mount Karisimbi might take roughly two days, with your first day ending at the camping site, where hikers may have to spend the night and continue to the peak on the second day. Mount Karisimbi Peak is an experience that you shouldn’t miss due to its snowcapped nature. Hiking Mountain Karisimbi is adventurous but tiring, so hikers should brace themselves as they start the hike, and descending from the mountain may take roughly six hours.


Can I hike the Musanze caves?

The Musanze Caves are situated just near the volcanoes and are among the popular hiking trails that most travelers use for hiking. Musanze Caves are believed to have been there for over a million years, and the caves were used by the old Rwandan Kings as places of refuge. It is where the Rwandan kings used it for major supplies of food and water, especially during periods of war.


Musanze Caves' ceiling protects numerous bats, which hide in the caves due to the darkness, and the bats can only be spotted with the use of a flash light. The road that takes hikers to the caves is clearly marked, which makes it easy for you to cross it to the other destination. It feels like you are emerging from the shadows into the light. The Musanze experience is exceptional.


Can I hike Mount Bisoke?

The Bisoke Mountain likewise climbs to a height of 3711 meters above sea level, and it is well-known for having a sizable Crater Lake at its peak. Mountain Bisoke is covered with a variety of vegetation, including a bamboo tree forest and other local montane species. The Peak has some challenging pathways as you ascend it because of its unusual elevation, but otherwise it is rather simple compared to other walks. The trip up the mountain, which will take you between three and five hours, will be escorted by a tour guide.


Can I hike Mount Muhabura?

Mountain Muhabura may be visited from either Uganda or Rwanda and is found in the Virunga Mountains. You may need approximately an hour to hike to Mount Muhabura's peak, and hiking to the peak of Mount Muhabura takes the whole day.


Can I hike the Russumo Falls?

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, which are nestled in the volcanoes, are sandwiched by Russumo Falls. Before reaching the stunning Russumo Falls, the journey takes travelers approximately three hours and takes you through breathtaking valleys occupied with alpine forests. It is better to go on the hike in the mornings when you can observe the many different bird species that inhabit the area, like the pink-backed pelican, the long-crested eagle, the paradise flycatcher, and many others.


Can I hike to Dian Fossey's grave?

Dian Fossey is known for having devoted her entire life to protecting the mountain gorillas, who are almost completely extinct. She made her home on the Bisoke mountain's slopes in 1967, where she remained for more than 18 years before being murdered by Twa poachers who targeted mountain gorillas for food. Her burial is situated in the Dian Fossey camp, where other individuals have given their lives in an effort to save mountain gorillas. She was buried there.


Hiking to Dian Fossey’s tomb, also known as Karisoke, rises to a height of 3000 meters, but it is not particularly strenuous. The hike typically takes three hours and begins at the Volcanoes Park administrative center. As you trek up to the camp, you will be able to observe the several gorillas that live there, as well as other primates and birds.


Can I hike to Ngezi Lake?

This hike, which starts at the base of Mountain Bisoke, is regarded as being the shortest among the volcanoes. When climbing the Ngezi route, which takes three to four hours, you'll witness a variety of bird species, Crater Lake, monkeys, and other primates. An experienced tour guide will accompany the hikers and provide all the necessary information you may need to know about this area.


Can I hike to Buhanga Sacred Forest Hill?

The Rwandan people place a great deal of importance on the sacred woodland known as Buhanga, and the local residents refused to cut any tree from there. According to the weather, light, and time of year, it is thought that the forest has varying dimensions and even changes color. You can view several kinds of butterflies, tall, uncut trees, different bird species, and a few animals when hiking in Buhanga, which will make your journey more colorful and exciting. You are free to take pictures, but you should know that flash lights from cameras are not allowed.


The main reason that most visitors come to trek in the volcanoes is to observe the several mountain gorillas, which are exclusively found there. As the volcanoes' national park is covered in hiking paths, this can all be done there.