One Day and Two Days Rwenzori Mountains Treks -Uganda

one day and two days rwenzori mountains treks-uganda


Day one

1 or 2 people $280 per person, $260 per person for groups of three or more, and a $35 daily gate entrance fee that must be paid separately and directly to UWA online. All porters, meals, and lodging while in the mountains are included in the cost.

The journey begins at the Trekkers' Hostel in Kyanjiki, 12 miles past Kilembe from Kasese. However, you can depart as late as 10 a.m. It is best to start by 8.30 a.m. Gather with your guides for a briefing. To reach the UWA ranger post at 1,727 meters, you must trek 2.2 kilometers.


Start trekking at 1,450 meters and spend a night at Sine Hut at 2,596 meters, which is a height gain of 1,146 meters. Alternatively, those who are fit and want to continue on to Kalalama Camp at 3,134 meters will also enjoy the views of the cliffs above, as well as the lowlands and Lake Edward in Queen Elisabeth National Park.


The Afro-Montane Forest Zone's large forest trees line our path as we ascend the valley floor to begin. For the first six kilometers, there is a gradual ascent; but, after crossing a river, the ascent to Sine Camp becomes difficult. There is a possibility to witness blue monkeys scampering around the jungle, as well as a variety of birds and lofty trees. Enock's Falls, which are only 200 meters from Sine Hut, provide a wonderful opportunity to create a memorable screensaver with the cascade in the background and beautifully cloudy green lichen growing on the many leaves hanging from the trees.


You can sit and take in the grandeur of the forest at Sine Camp, 2,596 meters above sea level, where wooden cabins are positioned amid towering forest trees on a narrow ridge. Below you, a lengthy series of rapids and a waterfall are roaring over the rocks. The warmth of the campfire and the opportunity to talk with the guides about the mountains and local customs appeal to specific customers. Sine is located close to the bamboo zone, and the neighborhood is home to various bird species. Enock Falls, surrounded by vibrant green flora and hanging vines, is located 150 meters from the camp. genuinely lovely.


Day two  

After a hearty breakfast, the day's activities will depend on whose camp you slept in. The Rwenzori Turaco, which enjoys living in and constructing its nest in the region's numerous giant heathers, can be heard calling if you spend the night in Kalalama Camp. Before returning down to just above Sine Camp, where you take the trail on the left slope down to Enock Falls, which is truly beautiful, and walk down through some awe-inspiring forest, you may choose to look for the Turaco to take some stunning pictures or to trek up a bit higher to see the mosses growing on to get good photos, or you may decide to climb up a little farther to see the mosses growing on the ground, logs, and trees.


The forest path descends steadily through the virgin forest, home to numerous birds. While some of the trees are intertwined with hundreds of vines hanging between them and covered in bright green lichen, other regions contain multiple patches of bamboo. This portion of the forest is amazing, and just before you get to Sine Camp, you cross a stream right next to a stunning waterfall. Sitting on the verandah at Sine Camp, you can see a beautiful series of rapids pouring down the valley.


If you had chosen to stay at Sine Camp, you could have either chosen to descend directly through the forest or you could have climbed up to Kalalama Camp to take in the views before descending back to the park's entrance and the hostel.