What Can I Do In Entebbe-Uganda

what can i do in entebbe-uganda


Entebbe is located far away from the noisy African city. Entebbe restores a sense of wild Uganda. This is reinforced by the sensation that Lake Victoria, Reptile Village, Zika Forest, Entebbe Botanical Garden, and Uganda Wildlife Education Center are physically trying to reclaim the space. Entebbe gives travelers a gentle introduction to Uganda and is the start and end point for your Ugandan travel adventure.


Travelers' Ugandan adventures start and end at Entebbe International Airport. However, Entebbe is usually not the focal point for most people’s adventures, and the amount of time that you spend in Entebbe will be reflected in the amount of time that you spend there. There's a lot to do in this countryside that's beyond your imagination.


Touring Entebbe will most likely last a half-day or a full day while you wait to be transferred to the next destination. Entebbe is the best spot to stretch your legs after a long flight. You can visit the Mabamba Swamp for the rare shoebill stock, the reptile village, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, or the Entebbe Botanical Garden, among other activities in Entebbe.


Where is Ebtebbe?

Entebbe is a small town of around 70,000 individuals located on the shores of Uganda’s Lake Victoria, 42 km south of Kampala city. Entebbe is often the beginning and the finishing point of an adventure trip to Uganda, and it has fresh air and relatively safe streets.


Entebbe is also popular for the Entebbe Raid of 1976, when the Israeli paratroopers completed an audacious rescue of their passengers on a hijacked Air France flight that was diverted to Entebbe. The events were depicted in the 2018 film, "7 Days in Entebbe. 


What to do in Entebbe

Tour the Mabamba swamp.

Mabamba Swamp is located 12 kilometers west of Entebbe in a Ramsar Site and is a hub for many bird species. It is an excellent spot for viewing the famous shoebill stork. A road transfer from Entebbe international airport will take you to a village called Mabamba, where a local boatman will transport you with a local dugout canoe as you search for the famous Shoebill stork within the Mabamba swamp. The visit to the Mabamba Swamp is a lovely half-day excursion that works well for travelers who have a few hours between flights.


Explore the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center was founded in 1952. It acts as an animal orphanage and sanctuary for animals that are unable to survive in the wild. The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is also an important conservation project in Uganda. A standard visit to UWEC allows travelers to view lions, two reintroduced black rhinos, and the aviary. There is a 2-hour ‘behind the scenes’ visit tour that offers an insight into how the center caters to these animals. The UWEC tour allows animal lovers to get closer to animals such as lions and elephants.


Visit the Entebbe Botanical Garden.

Entebbe Botanical Garden was established in 1898 and acts as a perfect place to stretch your legs when you arrive from your international flight for a short excursion within Entebbe. Entebbe Botanical Gardens offers a rich variety of plants within the tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate zones. Entebbe Botanical Garden contains a captivating blend between indigenous forest, cultivation, and horticulture. Entebbe Botanical Gardens has a strong bird population, such as the palm nut vulture, the giant kingfisher, and the red-chested sunbird. The Entebbe botanical gardens protect several primates, such as the black-and-white colobus and the white-tailed monkey.


Visit Reptile Village.

Reptile Village in Entebbe was formed in 2002 by Yasin Kazibwe, a Ugandan reptile expert who managed to rescue over 40 different species of snakes. Travelers on their Uganda safari adventure often go to Reptile Village to watch the different reptiles.


Besides snakes, crocodiles, monitor lizards, chameleons, and tortoises are also residents of the reptile village. They are safely guarded in cages while the crocodiles stay in a huge pond, and therefore travelers on their safari adventure to Uganda are safe while visiting the reptile village. Yasin Kazibwe dedicated his life to conserving reptiles. Visitors to the reptile village are given a chance to carry the African rock python under the supervision of the reptile village guides. It was a frightening experience, but a memorable moment to put away people’s fears.


Reptile Village is located off the Kampala-Entebbe highway. situated 3 km off the main road in a lush green village that is good for holidaymakers and an ideal destination for excursions. The founders of the reptile village focus on the purpose of the village as an education center for reptiles where tourists go to learn more and do research on different reptile species.

Uganda reptile village guides are so informative and often share intriguing facts about these reptiles. While in Entebbe, you can explore a variety of reptile species. Uganda reptile village guides will lead you to a lovely and memorable gateway in the Pearl of Africa—Entebbe.