What Can I Do At The Ethnographic Museum Of Butare -Rwanda

what can i do at the ethnographic museum of Butare, Rwanda?


The Ethnographic museum is situated in Butare Province, Rwanda.Where travelers can adventure on their Rwanda cultural Safari after a mountain gorilla trekking safari at Volcanoes National Park, a chimpanzee trekking safari at Nyungwe Forest National Park, or a wildlife safari in Akagera National Park. The Ethnographic National Museum is perched in Butare Province, Rwanda. The ethnographic museum was donated in 1989 to the Rwandan government by the Belgian government for their 25th independence celebration. The design and concept were all matched with the cooperation of the Royal Museum, that of Central Africa at Tervuren, and that of Belgium. The Ethnographic National Museum surprisingly remained untouched during the Rwandan genocide of 1994.


The Ethnographic Museum of Butare is just 135 km from Kigali city, and its visit can be done on a day excursion out of Kigali city. Travelers can also tour the Butare on their way to Nyungwe Forest National Park. Nyabisindu (Nyanza) is located just 45 km from Butare province and 90 km from Kigali city.


The Ethnographic museum is a modern building with different sectors that displays a wide range of monochrome pictures, objects, traditional artifacts, farming tools, and different craft products. Ethnographic museum objects are categorized according to their theme, giving detailed information on daily life. Rwanda’s traditional ceramics and basketry can still be manufactured and belong to the greatest handicrafts of the region when you Visit Nyanza, the ethnographic Museum of Butare, and the craft shops in Butare.


The ethnographic museum is one of the finest and reflects the spirit of the 19th century, when the East African Kingdoms first met with the first Europeans. The ethnographic museum takes travelers to rich insights about Rwanda’s traditional and cultural life and the subsequent development of Rwanda’s history that will contribute to the best understanding of African history and should be a must for every traveler interested in touring Africa.